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मशाल की रोशनी
Slowly his eyes fluttered open, but the flickering torchlight that lit his cell seemed unnaturally bright.
the light of a torch or torches.
translation of 'torchlight'
मशाल की रोशनी
The 'torchlight' glowered down to the barest hint of light emerging from the brackets.
Then several beers and a feed under 'torchlight' at the pub.
There was one staircase in the centre, dimly illuminated by 'torchlight' , and it led to somewhere below.
One of the local toms has a particular dislike for her and has battered her intermittently quite badly, and so began the hunt by 'torchlight' for her.
Finally, by 'torchlight' , I take a twitching haunch, cover it with rock salt and smear it with wild sage, and we've got dinner.
Slowly his eyes fluttered open, but the flickering 'torchlight' that lit his cell seemed unnaturally bright.
Lionfish, with their colours even more luminescent in the brightness of 'torchlight' , gently moved around the jetty posts.
There's live music most nights, but on at least one evening, have crab cakes by 'torchlight' on the beach - truly romantic.
Despite brilliant daylight outside, we move through the building by 'torchlight' .
It was not the flickering orange of 'torchlight' , but the steady bluish-white light of the evening outside.
Ather walked though the small city as 'torchlight' illuminated the walls of the huts.
The room was still lit by 'torchlight' as Zarana rose from the cramped room and exited through paper door.
They say they had no choice but to pack up by 'torchlight' yesterday after the electricity to Woolston House, a former textile mill, was cut off.
Her spiked bracers glint in the dim 'torchlight' and her silver chaukrum reflect the light onto the walls.
Numair was asleep, moonlight and 'torchlight' falling in through the window and shining on his blonde hair.
Each bag contained a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, notebooks, a water bottle and 'torchlight' .
Even at this late hour, 'torchlight' and candlelight glowed brightly through the many gaping windows.
I would usually start studying and handwriting assignments at 1am by 'torchlight' as there was no electricity.
He estimated his position from his brief view of the room with 'torchlight' and the light framed by the doorway he had entered from.
The lights were out and the only light showing was that of a small flickering 'torchlight' .
The 'torchlit' procession out of the village was small, and Tanj wondered if perhaps the villagers were afraid of the Dragon.
Dinner is 'torchlit' in the dunes - a setting against which every dinner I have from now on will be judged.
It was the first 'torchlit' scenic procession in New Orleans, a revolution in street pageantry, a revelation in artistic effects.
Take a journey into Lancaster's dark and sinister past on a 'torchlit' Old Calendar Michaelmas Walk today (Friday).
On Christmas Eve, the children can feed the local reindeer on the village green, then there's a 'torchlit' parade and carol-singing.
In the Dordogne village of Sigoules, near Bergerac, on the first Friday night in October, a 'torchlit' procession is held, while the next day sees a parade of bands, live music and boat races on the river.
There's a scene from Madame Butterfly: A chorus of workmen come to her house at night in a 'torchlit' column that winds back and forth in bobbing curves down a wooded hillside.
Mr Low said the terrace had been cordoned off for hotel guests as they had been offered a good vantage point for the 'torchlit' procession as part of a weekend package.
Relax in a hammock or ride horseback to a waterfall, glide with green sea turtles in a luminous sea or sip a mai tai on a 'torchlit' oceanside terrace.
Before we follow the 'torchlit' path back to the hotel, the local ju-ju or wise man, who beckons from the hut where's he squatting on the dusty floor, surrounded by an array of pebbles and twigs.
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