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a torrential downpour
(of rain) falling rapidly and in copious quantities.
translation of 'torrential'
प्रचंड, ज़ोरदार, मूसलादार
An hour or two later 'torrential' rain began to fall and the Show was washed out.
Still 'torrential' rain fell, leaves blew all around and I saw no other vehicle for my entire journey.
He muttered, looking insolently at the flooding shelter as the 'torrential' waters rose.
Ground-nesting birds are obviously vulnerable to May's 'torrential' outbursts.
Heavy storms and 'torrential' rain continued on many days through to October, ending one of the worst droughts on record.
The rest of the day 'torrential' rain fell, the grass becoming a bog, the river turning to a lake.
On the day of the murder there was 'torrential' downpour of rain on Norfolk Island.
This was a result of a downpour of 'torrential' rain which lasted approximately an hour and a half.
On the paddy fields of the far east of Wales, with 'torrential' rain falling throughout, there was very little rugby.
Somehow I just love those violent eruptions in the sky and the ensuing downpour of 'torrential' rain.
The floods followed 'torrential' rain that has fallen since August, causing rivers to overflow and dams to collapse.
As 'torrential' rain fell Malton still persevered with an adventurous and open game.
But observers blamed the 'torrential' rain that fell on the capital before and after the ceremony.
It flew through 'torrential' rain and sleet and snow showers to arrive just before 8am.
Shortly before the bout took place, 'torrential' rain fell and the canvas was drenched.
Ten days after this deluge, 'torrential' rain fell in Tasmania, causing major flooding in the Derwent Valley.
Christina whipped her head around and the blue Swift fired a 'torrential' jet of water at her.
Mini-oases of peace occur in harbours, sheltered from the 'torrential' force of spring snowmelt.
Day and night the sky falls upon them and 'torrential' rains dampen their dreams.
A fast 'torrential' rain began to fall, hard and thick making it impossible to see anything in front of the car.
After two days of sunshine, 'torrential' rain started falling in Australia too, washing out part of his holiday.
Two schoolchildren are up for a bravery award after helping their grandmother when she fell in 'torrential' rain.
The twister or funnel cloud was spotted at around 4pm yesterday as a 'torrential' downpour rained on the town.
The threat of flooding in the district was fading today as 'torrential' rain and heavy storms began to fade.
This same semiliteracy flows 'torrentially' , excrementally from American high schools, which teach journalism and television production while refusing to teach media criticism or McLuhan.
Sadly I had neglected to properly shut the skylight, the gales had forced it wide open, and the torrential downpour had 'torrentially' downpoured into my room for 4 hours.
Outside the clouds had burst and it was raining 'torrentially' , the Gulf Stream swept in over the Cliffs of Moher and tempestuously lashed down on all of Ireland who faced the desolate Atlantic alone.
To use an an oft invoked comparison, at least I am not in a tree in Mozambique giving birth to a child as the swollen waters of the Limpopo River rage 'torrentially' below.
That night it rained 'torrentially' , turning the ground to a mass of slick mud, and in the darkness I fell repeatedly.
When thunderstorms aren't uprooting forests or rearranging acres of farmland, the South often suffers hailstorms, flashfloods and 'torrentially' ghoulish winds during this season.
TRENDING: Torrential rainfall in Nepal claims 11 lives
TRENDING: Many areas in Nepal inundated due to torrential rains
TRENDING: Areas in Nepal inundated due to torrential rains
Torrential rains disrupt normal life in Karnataka
26 die as torrential rains, windstorm lash Pakistan
Styrian GP 3rd practice session called off due to torrential rain
Torrential rain lash Jaipur
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