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Suzy tossed her bag onto the sofa
throw (something) somewhere lightly, easily, or casually.
I could demand her keys and toss her office
search (a place).
a defiant toss of her head
an action or instance of tossing something.
translation of 'toss'
Three middle-aged men hold their fags in their mouths as they casually 'toss' their plastic chips on to the numbered grid at their fingertips.
I just cook the sauce in a wide frying pan, 'toss' the freshly cooked gnocchi into it and then serve it from the pan.
I could demand her keys and 'toss' her office
a defiant 'toss' of her head
It goes without saying any team which wins the 'toss' will choose to bat.
In six completed matches in the series also involving England, the team winning the 'toss' have gone on to win each match with reasonable ease.
Add in the buckwheat, the vegetables and the pain d' épice, and 'toss' lightly to coat, making sure the ingredients are nicely blended.
Pour over cereal mix, 'toss' lightly to coat evenly.
the 'toss' of a coin
Her team won the 'toss' , and picked the side they wanted to defend, while the Northern Appleton Wildcats got the kickoff.
Transfer to a large, lidded flame-proof casserole, and lightly 'toss' the onions and carrots in the fat.
'toss' the pasta in the sauce
In the last 20 Tests at Bridgetown the team winning the 'toss' has elected to bat only three times.
After winning the 'toss' and deciding to bat, Brothers were struggling at 3-24 when Matthews walked to the crease.
we could just 'toss' a coin
They won the 'toss' and chose bravely to bat first.
There's usually macaroni salad, but you 'toss' tuna in that and everyone is happy.
Cambridge won the 'toss' and predictably chose Middlesex.
the 'toss' of a coin
we'd win the 'toss' and keep the ball
Inevitably my stepfather would pull a box of Entenmann's doughnuts out of a brown paper bag and 'toss' it onto the counter.
Bulgaria won the quarter-final over Israel in Soccer at the 1968 Mexico Olympics in which the deciding factor was the 'toss' of the coin.
Kish turned sharply enough to 'toss' his hair behind his pointed ear.
Scotland had won the 'toss' and chosen to play with the wind, which made the fact that they trailed 22-12 by half-time all the more ominous.
I'll 'toss' you for it
I'll 'toss' you for it
we could just 'toss' a coin
Somerset won the 'toss' and chose to bat
Transfer the meat into a casserole, then quickly 'toss' the onions and carrots in the fat.
Winning the toss isn't such a blessing here - in nine games, the team losing the 'toss' has won on seven occasions, including the last five ODIs.
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