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He embarks on the four-day drive from Massachusetts to Cheyenne as if to emulate the trailblazers of the frontier.
a person who makes a new track through wild country.
translation of 'trailblazer'
Pope John Paul II was a 'trailblazer' in many areas.
The UK's original 'trailblazer' for digital photo printing is still, in our opinion, the leader of the pack - despite increasing competition.
In the inner canyon George became an explorer, a 'trailblazer' , a survivor.
he was a 'trailblazer' for many ideas that are now standard fare
he was a 'trailblazer' for many ideas that are now standard fare
Diane is also a bit of a 'trailblazer' and innovator.
A 'trailblazer' all her life, she is unperturbed when it comes to speaking her mind on controversial issues regarding life and love.
The school, which has been a 'trailblazer' in organising such horse shows, continues to encourage innovative activities that help build a strong individual.
He's been called a pioneer, a 'trailblazer' , and a legend.
It is great for us to be a 'trailblazer' in such an important development for children.
Every place she's been, she's been a 'trailblazer' , a pioneer.
Today a few 'trailblazing' hospitals in India are in the process of developing tailor made, cost effective specific telemedicine solutions.
But now, 40 years later, the respective legacies of these 'trailblazers' have been unfairly forgotten; they've been reduced to mere whispered legend amongst archivists and senior staff members.
I look forward to more great work by this 'trailblazing' group.
These 'trailblazers' fought for the freedoms relished in every modern Western university today.
Researchers, schoolchildren and tourists are among those flocking to see the site, which Livingstone used as his base for his anti-slavery campaigns and 'trailblazing' expeditions.
For art historians, this challenging work will offer an alternative to a history of Modern art which is all-too-often peopled with heroic 'trailblazers' and lovable rogues.
Silent film has become all but invisible, wiped clean from the collective memory by sheer neglect, and yet it is a world of giants, 'trailblazing' pioneers and hidden delights.
He embarks on the four-day drive from Massachusetts to Cheyenne as if to emulate the 'trailblazers' of the frontier.
Now, nearly 40 years after a fatal drug overdose, a dizzyingly complete six-CD collection of his 'trailblazing' routines has been released.
We've been 'trailblazers' before, and we're going to break new ground again.
Hunger strikers no longer feel obliged to duplicate the gravitas of such famous 'trailblazers' as the suffragettes and Gandhi.
Mentoring is part of our role as pioneers and 'trailblazers' … but you have to make sure you have the time to do your primary work.
Those brave souls on Columbia were 'trailblazers' for us all.
Some look upon the women as 'trailblazers' in a forbidden area, while many others hold them in disdain because of their frivolous character.
Most of the artistic terrain here has been mapped out by the 'trailblazers' of past generations, yet these contemporary artists seem satisfied to meekly follow along this well-worn path.
The problem, which is a blessing and a curse, is that this industry has an abundance of relatively young and inexperienced 'trailblazers' .
The women mentioned here are 'trailblazers' not aiming for a mainstream audience.
But a genuine 'trailblazing' device would be a way of preserving - and widening - the paths that our lives have carved through information space.
Tonight, they're 'trailblazers' and policy makers, partisans searching for common ground.
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