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It goes beyond the CEOs of big transnationals in manufacturing, services and finance.
a large company operating internationally; a multinational.
transnational advertising agencies
extending or operating across national boundaries.
Among them are those who are effectively stateless, owing allegiance only to the extremist cause of 'transnational' terrorism.
The fibre supply was now tightly committed to the operations of three large 'transnational' pulp and paper corporations.
Extradition, as a tool to combat 'transnational' crime, particularly terrorism, is always a controversial issue.
Both inwardly and outwardly, growing instability infected national and 'transnational' politics.
This is nation states versus 'transnational' terrorist organizations.
The bureaucratic boundaries of the nation-state complicate intimate 'transnational' exchange.
In the current national military strategy, 'transnational' threats are of prime importance.
What types of 'transnational' actors can be based on national groups?
A spokesman for the Department of Justice said the convention was an important instrument in combating 'transnational' crime.
The maquiladora sector is governed by a slew of local, national and 'transnational' laws.
It's about upholding national sovereignty in the face of fancy, 'transnational' treaties, like the Human Rights Act.
First, the organization operates at a 'transnational' level from London.
Pluralists consider non-state actors very important entities, having 'transnational' impact.
Of course, it is true that it is difficult for one nation to solve a 'transnational' problem.
Some adjustment will be required, as prior rules and procedures are adapted to a new kind of 'transnational' conflict.
As we will see, this changing identity has both national and 'transnational' dimensions.
This is a world of interdependence, in which nation-states are subordinated to 'transnational' authorities.
It negated such emotive factors as 'transnational' religious feeling.
The main drivers of change are now 'transnational' corporations rather than national governments.
Plainly, the US dominates these institutions, as it dominates other 'transnational' bodies.
Along with other foreign 'transnationals' they had won lucrative contracts to build new coal-fired power plants in energy-hungry Thailand.
In spite of the complexities of spanning the globe and a sluggish economic environment, most of these tech 'transnationals' have been delivering outstanding financial results.
Just a handful of 'transnationals' , local corporations and narrow sections of educated middle-class employees.
Imported milk is dumped in Ecuador for half of what it costs to produce it, but 'transnationals' sell it back to us at US $1.80 per litre.
In the past, unemployed workers have pressured oil 'transnationals' to lower the price of propane for the unemployed.
Founded as New Amsterdam in 1626, New York has long been the most visible site of the struggle over American identity as it has been domestically and 'transnationally' constructed.
It aims to secure the interests of American-controlled 'transnationals' before rival powers are sufficiently strong to challenge the US.
The third generation of liberal institutional scholarship was the 'transnationalism' and complex interdependence of the 1970s.
But my research, and that of others, suggests that the traditional model that informs immigration policy can't deal with 'transnationalism' .
Critics of the deal charge that it will yield super-profits for energy 'transnationals' and enrich a small group of local businessmen, while robbing Bolivia of its most valuable natural resource.
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