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For example, for a long time the government did not allow the non-life insurers to revise upwards the motor insurance premium rates due to the pressure from the transporters ' lobby.
a person or thing that transports something, in particular.
translation of 'transporter'
Aficionados all share a certain fondness for the 'transporter' , the device that allowed the intrepid crew of the Enterprise to plunk down on various planets without benefit of spacecraft.
It is a case about a motorcar 'transporter' trailer and driving lessons.
To his luck, the aliens were a few levels beneath him, near the supply 'transporter' pad.
The car was hit from behind and was rammed into the back of a car 'transporter' , police said.
Because I have a 'transporter' that can carry two cars, I told him that he can put his dragster on my hauler and I'll transport it to the races.
The whole notion of the 'transporter' , which is admittedly one of the favorite devices in this mythos, created scores of problems in a dramatic context.
We then helped load the cars onto a vehicle 'transporter' that had arrived.
This device is called a 'transporter' , which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.
You can see in the yellow squares that are shown in this picture one of the bunkers where there's a truck and a heavy equipment 'transporter' parked in front of the bunker.
They damaged the door and side of his car 'transporter' and also knocked lights off the vehicle.
She then tiptoed to the 'transporter' room, to see that Himeko wasn't there.
The US troops suffered no casualties but they left behind at least three destroyed vehicles - a 'transporter' , a five-tonne truck and at least one Humvee.
The heavy equipment 'transporter' and heavy expanded mobility tactical truck are in similar age classes, with average fleet ages of 9.2 years and 14.8 years respectively.
Then they walked out of the 'transporter' room, smiling and laughing.
Detectives are investigating whether a 'transporter' was used to carry the cars away.
Kitara ran off the 'transporter' pad and into her father's arms.
Three different variants of Viking are being delivered to the Royal Marines - a standard troop 'transporter' , a command vehicle and a repair and recovery model.
I've always thought the same applies to 'transporter' devices.
The Raptor then swept in low and several 'transporter' beams appeared on the surface.
The subway must have been the original inspiration for the 'transporter' device used in the series.
She did this while also putting his things on a nearby 'transporter' pad, in fact.
A second serious accident took place on Sunday evening at the White Mills involving three vehicles, one of which was towing a car 'transporter' .
Other effects excel, such as the ghoulish twins and their 'transporter' beam shenanigans.
One of Western Australia's biggest livestock 'transporters' is about to increase his cartage rates.
This is especially the case with outsize vehicles, like heavy trucks and tank 'transporters' .
For example, for a long time the government did not allow the non-life insurers to revise upwards the motor insurance premium rates due to the pressure from the 'transporters' ' lobby.
PETA's investigations into the trade in cattle, goats, sheep and other animals have revealed beatings, mutilation and miserable deaths at the hands of 'transporters' and abattoir workers.
Some employees were even forced to prove ownership of their own cars as officials tried to load their vehicles on to the 'transporters' as well.
The idea of sponsored reservists employed by private companies is also being applied to the private-finance deal planned for heavy equipment 'transporters' .
The opening up of the roads will make it easier for 'transporters' and traders to go deep in the remote areas to reach farmers who have the crop.
Assocham calls for higher cash withdrawal limit for transporters
Transporter went to Noida factory for payment, missing after fire, says family
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