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पार करना
he traversed the forest
travel across or through.
a probe is traversed along the tunnel
move (something) back and forth or sideways.
They'll find out soon enough, and the traverses across the featureless, flat topography of Meridiani Planum is going to make for ‘smooth sailing’ for the rover.
an act of traversing something.
The access to the feed was adapted to the size of animals with a traverse allowing only one animal to enter.
a part of a structure that extends or is fixed across something.
There is so much on the market today - decorative traverse rods, pole sets, metal or wood rods.
(of a curtain rod) allowing the curtain to be opened and closed by sliding it along the rod.
translation of 'traverse'
पार करना,
पार जाना
पड़ी छड़,
The way back follows a less popular route, via a rocky cleft above the lower lake, which begins with a 'traverse' on which, I must confess, I tried to avoid looking down.
There are several ways to obtain the starting data, and surveyors should make an effort to use the best data available to begin a 'traverse' .
From Trowunna I head north, leaving behind the forested hills of the interior to 'traverse' an expanse of rolling countryside strikingly reminiscent of England.
The elevation and 'traverse' are powered hydraulically.
People from elsewhere may be surprised at how good skiing is on the edge of the prairie in northwestern Minnesota, on trails that 'traverse' rolling glacial moraines near Maplelag.
In order to take advantage of the more moderate terrain and the available real estate, many of the McCoy Park trails 'traverse' the ridge top and lower meadow several times.
But he didn't answer, simply stumbled into the middle of the road, disrupting the monotonous 'traverse' of the sedans and hatchbacks and wagons.
Drapery panels are traditionally floor-length, lined and pinch-pleated, attached by hook to a 'traverse' rod, with a pull cord.
An unprotectable 'traverse' back across the route goes on for about 10m.
Whilst surveying a 'traverse' , the horizontal angle at station B, between two adjacent stations A and C, was measured as having a value of 153o 44' 50".
And indeed, our short 'traverse' to my home was not without incident.
When they reached the steep 'traverse' off the ridge that had been their only difficulty on the way up, Douglas Hadow again began to have trouble keeping his footing.
he crept up and threw a grenade over the 'traverse'
The gun's 'traverse' was limited to a mere five degrees either side of zero.
The gun's 'traverse' was steam-operated and took 3 hours to build up enough steam pressure to function.
I have second thoughts as I begin to cut a 'traverse' up and across a powdery leeward slope.
If the draperies will hang from a conventional 'traverse' rod, determine the finished length by measuring from the top of the rod to where you want the lower edge of the draperies.
The AFCS displays the target information, selects the gun 'traverse' and elevation and lays the weapon on the target.
In surveying a 'traverse' , a series of measured short lines may be projected onto a single long line, connecting two main survey stations, and the long line is then treated as a measured line of the traverse.
The turret machine gun can also be operated from under armor by being mounted on a circular revolving ring for automatic 'traverse' .
The backbone of any land survey is a 'traverse' consisting of a sequence of n stations numbered 1,2, ..., n.
Cause of action has been held from the earliest time to mean every fact which is material to be proved to entitle the plaintiff to succeed - every fact which the defendant would have to 'traverse' .
Vehicles would move to ‘points of domination’ (the intersections) to maximize the ability to 'traverse' the turret and use the CITV.
The 14 mm gun has a full 360° 'traverse' with an elevation of 60° for improved effectiveness in air defence.
So when you arrive at the gym, take about 5 minutes to 'traverse' at the base of the wall.
ski patrol workers 'traverse' the slope
During this climb, the 'traverse' of the turret knocked Treacy off.
The way on is a 'traverse' round a mud bank to the left, which climbs into a passage above the calcite floor.
Although, understandably, the discussions 'traverse' a wide area of opinion there seem to be four main conclusions that are put forward as the cause of the crisis.
This ship is full of officers and men who are quite likely to be utterly ignorant of what was going on round the next 'traverse' in the trench which they had occupied.
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