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Let two arcs be drawn from the vertex of a trilateral to points on the base.
a triangle.
trilateral negotiations
shared by or involving three parties.
translation of 'trilateral'
Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines sealed a 'trilateral' security pact on Tuesday in an attempt to bolster cooperation to combat terrorism and cross-border crime.
Bulgaria, Greece and Russia signed on April 12 a 'trilateral' memorandum on the construction of the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline.
The Russian president chose Kaliningrad for a 'trilateral' meeting!
As part of the 'trilateral' summit, Purvanov discussed the political and economic relations between Bulgaria and Greece at his meeting with Simitis on Friday.
A provision to this effect is available in a draft 'trilateral' agreement on cooperation in the transportation of nuclear materials, which was approved by the Council of Ministers last Thursday.
We, after all, have a 'trilateral' commission, between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States to share intelligence along the border regions.
Of 'trilateral' figures, an equilateral triangle is that which has its three sides equal, an isosceles triangle, that which has two of its sides equal, and a scalene triangle, that which has its three sides unequal.
The commitments of Labour and Social Policy Ministry under this agreement include that it motion amendments to labour legislation after 'trilateral' negotiations.
The two heads of state discussed the idea of a 'trilateral' meeting at which the presidents of Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia would discuss all matters related to Corridor VIII.
Yet the 'trilateral' filter requires only one user-set parameter.
It is not without reason that China is serving as the host of the ongoing 'trilateral' negotiations between the US, China and North Korea in Beijing.
Rome and Madrid were hardly enthusiastic about the 'trilateral' meeting in Berlin, although it was billed as ‘informal.’
She said when she met Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Tuesday evening, the Thai leader agreed to join the 'trilateral' pact as the fourth party.
Let two arcs be drawn from the vertex of a 'trilateral' to points on the base.
With a total population of 1.3 billion people in these countries, the IBSA initiative promises huge benefits in 'trilateral' exchange as a south-south free trade zone emerges.
While officials predicted ‘little concrete progress’ from yesterday's 'trilateral' meetings, a deadline of sorts was given.
Bilateral agreements were also signed such as those between Chile and Argentina, and between Mexico and Venezuela, as well as the 'trilateral' agreement involving Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.
A source familiar with the 'trilateral' meeting said the three countries decided to reject North Korea's call for including energy and economic assistance to Pyongyang in the envisaged statement.
The 'trilateral' memorandum for the construction of the oil pipeline will be signed in Sofia by April 15, a tripartite committee of Bulgaria, Russia, and Greece has decided in Moscow.
The latter two demand a 'trilateral' agreement over the share of the waters, and, indeed, representatives of the three countries have met several times for this purpose.
This led to President Jimmy Carter's invitation to President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin to join him in 'trilateral' negotiations at Camp David.
However, the disputed 5000 square kilometer territory of the State ceded by Pakistan to China has to be subjected to 'trilateral' talks - China, Pakistan and India for a final resolution.
So can I take you back a bit to talk a bit more, if you wouldn't mind, about that sort of 'trilateral' relationship - Washington, Canberra, London - that's developed.
By the pivoting of the deformable quadrilaterals, the 'trilaterals' are raised and maintain the uprights.
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