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the triumphant winner rose from his seat
having won a battle or contest; victorious.
translation of 'triumphant'
She won four gold medals in different events at the championship and returned home 'triumphant' .
The 'triumphant' success of this gangster paradigm lies in the script's wit and macabre irony.
The 'triumphant' Mottingham Village team celebrates its cup win against Fulham Town
"So it was your boys fault, " concluded Tempest, looking 'triumphant' .
Then he turned and looked right at me, a 'triumphant' grin battling the displeasure.
I dared to look at Kelly a few minutes later and saw her giving a 'triumphant' smile.
Robert spun around and paled at the sight of the girl's 'triumphant' grin.
When Canada wins by one point, Joe is 'triumphant' - Team USA humbled and shocked.
His icy green eyes widened as she gazed down at him, a 'triumphant' smile plastered on her face.
The defence and goalie shut out the Golden Hawk offence for the rest of the game to hold onto the win and remain 'triumphant' .
He dropped me down to the ground and watched me with a 'triumphant' smile.
Bonfires blazed everywhere on Sunday evening welcoming the 'triumphant' players back with the cup.
People exit with 'triumphant' smiles carrying boxes full of books, usually acquired for less than a fiver.
People forgot the gloom of post-war hardships and were joyful, proud and 'triumphant' .
He is declared 'triumphant' by default, and the host now rapidly changes the focus.
The past year, in financial terms, had seen further 'triumphant' success.
Harriers' men's team were hit by injuries, with only one of the 'triumphant' Southern team able to take part.
While the play was becoming more and more 'triumphant' at the box-office, the movie was taking shape.
A 'triumphant' smile appeared on his face when the knob managed a full turn.
He sat back in the copilot's seat and cast her a 'triumphant' grin.
The long-awaited opening will mark the 'triumphant' end of a battle stretching back up to four years.
Ignoring Sam's constant 'triumphant' smirks, Nick searched our faces for an answer.
You are 'triumphant' in conflicts after a period of strife and opposition.
He came out of that class 'triumphant' , and he's never looked back.
He stayed silent, trying to hide a 'triumphant' smile, as he carried me all the way back to his base.
Kage continued to hold me there, I could almost picture his 'triumphant' smirk.
"Reason number three right there, " Faith said with a 'triumphant' smile.
An old woman is sitting on the front steps with a 'triumphant' smile on her face.
Satisfied with the answer, Selina plopped into the seat with a 'triumphant' grin.
They returned 'triumphant' , the eyes were bright and the gills were sufficiently red for the fish to be judged A grade fresh.
Triumphant Teflon Trump basks in Brexit glory (News Analysis)
TRENDING: Neymar Scores in Triumphant Return to the Seleção
Wawrinka makes triumphant return to US Open
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