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tumultuous applause
making a loud, confused noise; uproarious.
translation of 'tumultuous'
More detailed inquiries took place in the 1940s after a period of 'tumultuous' relationships and high - profile break-ups.
This sets the stage for the Fisher's often 'tumultuous' personal matters.
Bedford Rugby has had some quite 'tumultuous' years.
Rimna held his hands up for silence, not even trying to speak over the 'tumultuous' noise.
David came on to the Mayflower stage to 'tumultuous' applause from a packed, mainly female middle-aged audience.
You've had some pretty 'tumultuous' relationships with other band members in the past.
People were not aware of them in the 'tumultuous' period during the election campaign.
All of those things, one after the other, these just 'tumultuous' events.
The show played to full houses for a five-night run and ended to 'tumultuous' applause on Saturday night.
The victory meant the end to a 'tumultuous' year both personally and professionally for both surfers.
Sets of fans from either side are roaring on their team, the 'tumultuous' noise drowning out the chill.
Intensely narcissistic people often live 'tumultuous' lives, as few people can tolerate them for long.
The victorious team on arrival in Bunclody were greeted with 'tumultuous' applause on their brilliant playing.
All I know is this exchange will throw huge kinks into an already 'tumultuous' life, and despite this fact, that I am anxious to go away.
‘In the name of God stop this massacre before it goes any further,’ he roared to 'tumultuous' applause.
Thinking on her feet, Larmore sings an aria from the Barber of Seville, to 'tumultuous' applause from the concourse.
The air is filled with the 'tumultuous' roar of a crowd expectant of a rugby match of high drama.
New Zealand began accurately, Wales began badly, and never managed to stoke the crowd noise into something 'tumultuous' .
The party has always been 'tumultuous' in personnel matters.
The brothers ended their 'tumultuous' relationship with the corporate giant in a mutual agreement just hours ago.
I do recall that last Christmas was colder and far less settled than this year, a more 'tumultuous' season of ups and downs.
William and Ffion enter Downing Street to 'tumultuous' Tory applause and waving of union flags.
No one was listening or taking much of an interest, but when he was done a 'tumultuous' round of applause greeted him.
She was affected by the often 'tumultuous' personal lives of her children.
Major League Baseball owns the Expos now, after a 'tumultuous' 10 years.
These players were the real heroes on the night as they received a 'tumultuous' applause from the attendance.
Sting left the stage to a 'tumultuous' round of applause and three of the Beatles took over, Paul being the surprising omission.
The last time that we saw this 'tumultuous' interplay between anarchy and oligarchy was in the 18th century.
Amir Khan enters the ring to 'tumultuous' applause from the massed British supporters.
There was a sudden burst of 'tumultuous' noise from the concert area.
Straddling romance and revolution: Faiz's tumultuous life (Book Review)
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