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it was a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes
an abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favorable situation.
a seven-day turnaround
the process of completing or the time needed to complete a task, especially one involving receiving something, processing it, and sending it out again.
In each of these situations, an unexpected 'turnaround' causes someone's life to change dramatically, and for the better.
As a result of the recent 'turnaround' in beef market share, feeder calf producers are smiling.
Any 'turnaround' will require slight changes in their outlook, which is a difficult process when things almost always work sensationally well.
Natalie feels this was key to her successful transition and her amazing 'turnaround' .
Much of the 'turnaround' was the result of a new focus on marketing.
It would also need to cut aircraft 'turnaround' times at airports - another key tactic used to devastating effect by its low-cost competitors.
The aircraft 'turnaround' time is scheduled to be no more than 25 minutes so charges are also low.
It is hoped the development will allow a quicker 'turnaround' time for ships coming into Sligo Harbour, particularly as the winter brings shorter daylight hours.
RTE says the 'turnaround' time is a fraction of a second.
All that changed however, with the 'turnaround' at half-time.
Following the 'turnaround' , St Paul's received a favourable Ofsted report from inspectors in which they highlighted good standards.
There was only the limousine, disappearing once more around the corner of the estate wall toward the 'turnaround' .
it was a remarkable 'turnaround' in his fortunes
We are in a 'turnaround' situation where we are improving things.
It is looking at a faster 'turnaround' of vehicles unloading waste and collections of items to be recycled.
a seven-day 'turnaround'
This 'turnaround' is largely the result of the Baby-boomer bulge entering retirement and being succeeded by steady-state Baby-bust workforce.
The result marks a dramatic 'turnaround' in World Cup fortunes for England.
Tightened security on domestic flights has lengthened the 'turnaround' time for aircraft.
The 'turnaround' is the result of an attitude change at the club and not just from the players.
This is a totally unexpected 'turnaround' for a sport that has struggled to even field a team the last few years.
it was a remarkable 'turnaround' in his fortunes
In one month you could be seeing a huge 'turnaround' in your marketing and the results of your efforts.
Their 'turnaround' is immediate and they lose no time in switching directions.
As systems become more accessible, customers demand a faster 'turnaround' .
After a quick 'turnaround' at Waterford, the London Luton bound Aer Arann ATR72 lifted off the runway on time at 3pm.
After a quick 'turnaround' on deck, I again found myself waiting at the holdshort for runway 15.
The result was a 'turnaround' of €45m since last year and ended three successive years of escalating losses, which threatened the future of the company.
The 'turnaround' is in large part due to a change in approach.
In an extraordinary 'turnaround' , the Council changed its mind and went back to the Court to appeal against its own victory.
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