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ट्वीट किया गया
the birds were tweeting in the branches
make a chirping noise.
she talks about her own life, but she's just as likely to tweet about budget cuts and Keynesian economics
make a posting on the social media website Twitter.
translation of 'tweeted'
चूं-चूं करना,
The birds all around them 'tweeted' to one another in their own language before the stars illuminated the vast sky in an array of colors that would shame anyone that concluded that night was purely made for those who lived in the dark.
A tiny bluebird landed on the man's forehead and 'tweeted' , causing him to bellow furiously.
Song birds 'tweeted' in the tall trees above our heads, and swallows glided on the air, breezing above our heads.
Happy birds chirped and 'tweeted' , and a deer just barely out of sight grazed peacefully.
Miss Johnson looked at me as if seeing me for the first time; giving a little jump, she 'tweeted' , ‘Oh, clumsy me.’
email us, 'tweet' us, go to our blog, and find us on Facebook
All I could hear in the hush was the birds 'tweeting' until, suddenly ahead of me, a lithe lad in Lycra darted over a crossroads like a rabbit scuttling for cover.
A TV set is propped in a corner, budgies in cages 'tweet' noisily as we walk past fish tanks.
Birds are 'tweeting' , bees are buzzing, dogs are scampering, everything is coming up daffodils and I went out without socks for the first time this year.
she talks about her own life, but she's just as likely to 'tweet' about budget cuts and Keynesian economics
A fluffy little chickadee pops out of his mouth and 'tweets' sweetly before hopping away.
The birds were 'tweeting' and the earthy glow seemed to enter the room.
The birds are chipper at chorale practice, 'tweeting' away on window ledges behind me.
she talks about her own life, but she's just as likely to 'tweet' about budget cuts and Keynesian economics
I discovered that I really really like my new bedroom (My mum kindly let me have her room…!) because at one in the morning I can still hear the birds 'tweeting' gently in the trees outside my window.
It came to land on his shoulder and continued to 'tweet' its melody.
They picked a spot on a hill, overlooking the beautiful scenery of birds 'tweeting' in the trees, and the water trickling in the pond underneath the flock of geese and ducks.
Little birdies commence to 'tweet' around its head, in circles.
The birds must've understood what Mari was saying because they were now 'tweeting' excitedly.
A serene place: the hills range all around us, flowers sway in the gentle breeze, I hear birds 'tweeting' .
On Tuesday, the Sun was shining, the birds 'tweeting' and sap was rising - all around.
Rob put his finger out, and the bird gratefully hopped onto it, 'tweeting' as it did so.
Now the silence settled over the garden was thick and heavy, a stark contrast to the chirping and 'tweeting' he was so accustomed to.
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