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a newspaper tycoon
a wealthy, powerful person in business or industry.
a title applied by foreigners to the shogun of Japan in power between 1857 and 1868.
translation of 'tycoon'
The 31-year-old supermarket 'tycoon' was held by the South Armagh IRA for six days.
The millionaire media 'tycoon' faces the possibility of a snap election following the double resignation.
The speed with which the 76-year-old 'tycoon' has moved has staggered most observers.
The North Yorkshire business 'tycoon' who owns a profitable food chain has once again had a bumper pay year.
a newspaper 'tycoon'
a newspaper 'tycoon'
Completed in 1914, Kohl Mansion was the home of Charles Frederick Kohl, the son of a shipping 'tycoon' .
The supermarket 'tycoon' agreed to meet Cylon for exactly one-and-a-half minutes.
Allen, supposedly the fifth richest man in the world, is the 'tycoon' who bankrolled both museums.
He knew as well as I did that we are up against not just a business 'tycoon' but a powerful politician.
George, we learn, is a farm boy turned wealthy insurance 'tycoon' .
The head hunter took him to a real estate 'tycoon' based in Mumbai.
Throughout the decade several oil 'tycoons' claimed they were the inspiration for the show.
Corruption and bribery are rampant in many countries across Asia Pacific, often involving top politicians, government officials, military personnel, and business 'tycoons' .
The City of York has produced some of the region's wealthiest working 'tycoons' , a new survey has revealed.
The Democratic Party, which had planned to hold a march to condemn nepotism between the government and business 'tycoons' , postponed its event to Jan.16.
The two unexpectedly discover that the killings are connected to a group of former computer business 'tycoons' turned religious fanatics.
There were only a dozen or so billionaires, most of them oil 'tycoons' .
The peninsula is home to a surprising range of fine villas and mansions, most of them designed in the middle of the last century for Glasgow's industrial and financial 'tycoons' .
He was one of the first Russian 'tycoons' openly to declare his wealth.
The tech-savvy leaders may convince business 'tycoons' to bear the financial burden.
It's full of rich of ladies and business 'tycoons' retiring after making a cool million and leaving the company to their kids.
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