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his ubiquitous influence was felt by all the family
present, appearing, or found everywhere.
translation of 'ubiquitous'
सर्वत्र वर्तमान
सर्वत्र का,
सब जगह का,
हर एक जगह का,
हर जगह का
We saw the 'ubiquitous' charity shops sprouting everywhere, which is the first sign of decline.
We now have a 'ubiquitous' personal and immediate substitute for present company.
The electric guitar has become a 'ubiquitous' presence in virtually all forms of popular music.
It is an easy, 'ubiquitous' option but one that appears to be losing some of its mass appeal.
In five years how close will we be to 'ubiquitous' or pervasive computing?
Its influence is so 'ubiquitous' that it comes to dictate a lot of our conversations.
All the soldiers are heavily armed, most with the 'ubiquitous' Kalashnikov.
I set off with my 'ubiquitous' armed guards into the Hawlwadig district near the city's Bakara market.
The number of this 'ubiquitous' vehicle went down after the mopeds gained popularity.
In this way, the global 'ubiquitous' computer is much more like a living organism than the Turing machine.
Hoummos is one of those 'ubiquitous' foods whose popularity has brought forward its own use-by date.
I think we'll remember this war as the war of the 'ubiquitous' video phone.
The retail brand is a 'ubiquitous' feature of the retail landscape in North America.
Plasticity in expression of these Phases is a 'ubiquitous' feature of the majority of CAM plants.
It almost seems superfluous to name-check the 'ubiquitous' brands in the Kellogg's stable.
It's impossible not to be influenced by Leone because his work is 'ubiquitous' .
A certain degree of plasticity in physiological traits is 'ubiquitous' among plants.
What had been neglected was the almost 'ubiquitous' presence of radiation.
These days, the programme is so popular and so 'ubiquitous' , that I just tend to keep quiet.
I take supplements to try and offset or negate the effects of the 'ubiquitous' poisons in our food and environment.
I heard more gnatcatchers, but I never did see one, which was a bit surprising given their general 'ubiquity' .
Colonel Sanders is 'ubiquitously' American, but today's New Zealander, when asked what ‘KFC’ stands for, will intone ‘Kiwi For Chicken’.
Yet at the same time, presentation software's popularity and 'ubiquity' keep growing.
The first is that like so many conservatives, he is able to deflect criticism as alleged liberal media bias - an accusation that is belied by his very 'ubiquitousness' in that media.
Gestures of grief, in their 'ubiquitousness' , soon become overwhelming.
Yet while one conclusion is quoted 'ubiquitously' , the remainder of his remarks remain relatively obscure.
The new agenda of obligatory social aims, reset by some self-declared avant-garde and not by societies themselves, is similar to the socialist one in the never-changing sense that it is to guarantee 'ubiquitously' correct life.
The result is that, despite the current 'ubiquity' of such ventures, the album is an often difficult listen.
The troubling fact is that a successful, 'ubiquitously' published and clearly-credited piece of design can quickly become an artifact to be lusted after by hungry practitioners.
The depressing thing was how 'ubiquitously' mediocre things were.
Chanda Kochhar Money Trail-IV: Ubiquitous Mhatre locked in Kochhar family enterprise
India needs ubiquitous IoT connectivity to be truly Atmanirbhar
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