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medical care has become unaffordable
too expensive to be afforded by the average person.
Electrical dryers are expensive and 'unaffordable' to most small farmers.
The committee looked at the performance of the Affirmative Action Loan Scheme and found that the loans were 'unaffordable' .
That's actually pretty accurate in terms of linking homelessness, 'unaffordable' housing, and poverty!
You may think that finding your calling is an 'unaffordable' luxury in this tough business environment.
Full time holiday care is difficult to find too - the whole system is hit and miss, 'unaffordable' for most and yet the key to getting everyone out to work!
It is not that house prices have risen but that they have risen so much as to make accommodation 'unaffordable' .
For those who say that increasing tuition will cause education to become 'unaffordable' for many average students, I disagree.
In 1997, the great fear was that houses were becoming 'unaffordable' for first-time buyers.
Whatever the actual bill turns out to be, be assured that its price tag is a huge 'unaffordable' social risk.
DIAMONDS, ONCE thought to be too expensive and 'unaffordable' , have suddenly emerged as the best bet in jewellery.
It is not a secret that housing in the capital city over the last 10 years has become a nightmare and 'unaffordable' to the average working class.
Unless migrants also find sustainable employment, the running costs of formal housing may be 'unaffordable' for the very poor.
However, many small investors mistakenly believe that highly-priced shares are both expensive and 'unaffordable' .
Yes they may be prettier, edgier and all, but they are also even more expensive and 'unaffordable' .
Furthermore, it is permitted for Egypt to refuse the registration of any drugs that are seen as extremely expensive or 'unaffordable' .
Staying alive is a daily struggle with only one meal per day, with school fees and uniforms being considered 'unaffordable' luxuries.
Compulsory, 'unaffordable' insurance and a surfeit of red tape would encourage providers to move to more profitable alternatives.
Typically, these candidates are originally from Dublin, but were driven out by 'unaffordable' property prices.
He said Zesco's aim should be to attract more people to access the commodity instead of making it 'unaffordable' .
But in some areas, house prices have reached such a level that properties have become 'unaffordable' , despite the low cost of borrowing.
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