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अपराध भाव से मुक्त
he remained unapologetic about his decision
not acknowledging or expressing regret.
We are unswerving and 'unapologetic' about our commitment to saving our native species.
For a card-carrying liberal, I was surprisingly 'unapologetic' about our decision.
And it has a sort of 'unapologetic' in your face quality, which I admire.
In fact Richard is something of a rarity these days, an 'unapologetic' , uneducated, unemployed and unreal guy.
Goodman was 'unapologetic' for his comments that came during his visit to the elementary school in North Las Vegas.
Plus, they were completely 'unapologetic' and even threatening towards us from beginning to end!
I was immediately impressed by his 'unapologetic' support for experimenting on animals in the name of advancing knowledge and medical science.
As for the rounded, tent-like look of the structure, Crawford, a Richmond resident, was 'unapologetic' .
He was also 'unapologetic' about his pay package, under which he is expected to receive at least £2.5m in cash and shares this year.
Her speech was classic Newkirk, unwavering and 'unapologetic' .
We believe that the road back for our party and our movement lies in being an 'unapologetic' champion for progressive ideas.
Corinne is the first fictional heroine who, as a woman of genius, is 'unapologetic' about living for her art.
Granted, some administration spokesmen were 'unapologetic' about the decision.
Plus I was struck by how 'unapologetic' about it this girl seemed.
Thankfully, Kerrigan's personal, 'unapologetic' film on rave culture maintains its irreverence.
The novelist is 'unapologetic' , and still keen to play the part of provocateur.
We both loved it, although my love was 'unapologetic' and his was not.
If it sounds like syrupy sentiment, he's 'unapologetic' .
Roger may have regrets, but he is 'unapologetic' about who he is or what he does.
The programme for that night was an 'unapologetic' exploration of Russian romanticism spanning approximately 50 years.
‘They only came in this morning,’ she says 'unapologetically' .
I love Courtney because she is 'unapologetically' herself and intimidatingly intelligent despite all the media attempts to make her less so.
There's an honesty and integrity about these films - the filmmakers are just so 'unapologetically' wacky - that makes them refreshing.
But now he's not sure if he'll be carrying his wife Jill over the threshold after the company 'unapologetically' moved its completion date to May 2004.
The Times, in other words, has allowed itself to be used - cheerfully, 'unapologetically' and, most of all, stupidly.
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