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I managed to wiggle underneath them all, dislodging those on the very top by unbalancing the unsteady column.
make (someone or something) unsteady so that they tip or fall.
The upside of this setup is that it can accept either balanced or unbalanced signal input.
not keeping or showing an even balance; not evenly distributed.
translation of 'unbalanced'
अपूर्ण किया हुआ
Is it wrong to not want mentally 'unbalanced' people in your life?
In his youth he has suffered blackouts that repress chilling memories of childhood abuse, death and the absence of his mentally 'unbalanced' father.
We then repeated the test crosses of the 42 putative EP suppressor strains to D502 and this time tested both the 'unbalanced' and the balanced male progeny.
What China and India have in common is their sex ratios are 'unbalanced' , due to a strong preference for boys and the presence of the technology to allow sex determination and abortions.
The board accused McBeth of writing an 'unbalanced' manuscript that was biased against the conservative resurgence within the SBC.
However, as people have seen elsewhere in York., the profits to be made from York's housing market is leading to 'unbalanced' over-development in the city and the loss of local facilities.
The upside of this setup is that it can accept either balanced or 'unbalanced' signal input.
His off season workout program isn't typical - Zito does strength work and lifts weights while in 'unbalanced' situations, such as on a balance beam or on a physio ball.
The danger is that people cut things out of their diet and end up with a very 'unbalanced' diet which in turn makes them ill.
Glassie says the Herald story was 'unbalanced' and was nothing more than a thinly disguised personal attack on the prime minister.
You won't be able to support businesses that fund this kind of fraudulent and 'unbalanced' partisanship.
And as for the mentally 'unbalanced' people that seem to be attracted to this site remember that hate is not a good thing.
The letter he left before the Hollybank House attempt clearly showed his mind then was 'unbalanced' .
That includes her mentally 'unbalanced' mother and her nosy next-door neighbor/best friend Bunny.
When they begin to worry that his upbringing may be too 'unbalanced' , they enroll him in the nearby town's junior high school.
I was taken aback to read the rather slanted and 'unbalanced' coverage of the debate on the issue of protected structures in last week's issue of the Weekender.
This had led to an 'unbalanced' distribution and areas located at a higher level and those at the tail end complained of poor supply.
And even when this death is caused by an 'unbalanced' person, there is a feeling of unfairness, that can even lead to a sense of hopelessness.
Faced with this hard evidence that their classrooms, workplaces, and campuses were embarrassingly 'unbalanced' , a number of academic spokesmen discounted our study.
Protests and complaints about inaccuracies, 'unbalanced' and unfair reporting, defamation and character assassinations, must be taken seriously and dealt with.
Probes that bind to specific chromosomal telomeres can be used to identify balanced or 'unbalanced' products in Robertsonian and reciprocal translocations.
You are one crazy, mentally 'unbalanced' , psychotic son of a bitch.
The story was 'unbalanced' and unfair and made no attempt to present both sides of the issue, George says.
Opposition indigenous affairs spokesman Kim Carr said the government's policy was unfair, 'unbalanced' and one-sided.
If the three elements were 'unbalanced' , then the company would gradually begin to erode.
On this day, of all days, they choose to spread their unfair, 'unbalanced' message, a message that I think can only be fairly understood as expressing hostility to our great country.
Like journalists, politicians selectively quote the facts, they only tell one side of the story, and they give 'unbalanced' and biased opinions.
Decentralisation of the water supply system is a solution to the improper and 'unbalanced' water distribution system in Kerala.
The thing about this biography is that it is not fair, it is 'unbalanced' and it is biased, and it is what John Howard would call a ‘black armband biography’.
This is about not letting mentally 'unbalanced' people serve in the judiciary.
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