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plastic bottles that are essentially unbreakable
not liable to break to be break easily.
And I would have got away with it too, if it hadn't have been for that pesky 'unbreakable' glass.
Disdainful of this so-called 'unbreakable' barrier, Popov has shattered it a dozen times, leading the way for others.
The unhappy habit of self-abnegation seems to be 'unbreakable' .
Noteable characteristics of my mother's family include an 'unbreakable' addiction to tea and a love of music.
Despite spending regular spells in hospital, the youngster with the 'unbreakable' spirit never let her illness get her down.
Intense 'unbreakable' concentration marks the best of the hunters here.
But remember, men, we have one invaluable weapon on our side: we have an 'unbreakable' spirit to win!
For in the end, fans have an 'unbreakable' bond with their clubs.
And why don't they replace the glass with 'unbreakable' plastic instead?
And on one lucky night, we might all witness Ray Allen break the 'unbreakable' record.
Many historians believe the Allies would have lost the war had it not been for their 'unbreakable' code system.
What had once seemed an 'unbreakable' resolve - the hallmark of strong leadership - has begun to crumble at the edges.
But then 'unbreakable' generosity of spirit ran through her nature like girders.
Understated self-confidence and 'unbreakable' positivity is his way.
The important, 'unbreakable' bond is between mother and daughter.
My 'unbreakable' skeleton was breaking, and now I was certain there would be no escape.
The bond is 'unbreakable' , either one able to feel the other's emotions.
Sensible advice turns into creed, good habits into 'unbreakable' laws.
On a less conventional level it is about the 'unbreakable' bond between siblings, the blurring of myth and reality and the journey between life and death.
If Lenin, hard and 'unbreakable' , was the axle of the Revolution, Trotsky was the roaring wheel.
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