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an uncertain future
not able to be relied on; not known or definite.
translation of 'uncertain '
बदलने के योग्य,
Dennis said he was 'uncertain' whether the kidnapping was a case of mistaken identity.
We are 'uncertain' whether the random allocation was adequately concealed in most of the studies.
What lies ahead is completely 'uncertain' , but also, it seems, full of promise.
This all led to uncivilised evening drinks at The Local, before wobbling home in an 'uncertain' manner.
The takeover inevitably led to 'uncertain' times for everyone at the firm.
We live in 'uncertain' times when change has never been so rapid or unpredictable.
O'Donnell was left 'uncertain' as to what direction his career should pursue.
Due to a family bereavement it is 'uncertain' if this slot will go ahead.
Whether the public perceives the benefits of having a greater gender balance remains 'uncertain' .
Today they are genuinely 'uncertain' of their own greatness, or of how to exercise their power.
However, the future still looks 'uncertain' as he has no money for higher education.
It was the Society's view that banks would simply not deal with firms whose future was 'uncertain' .
The Jubilee arouses 'uncertain' feelings, halting thoughts, though it's in our town.
Because of this historians are 'uncertain' about the final toll of victims.
It is 'uncertain' whether the officer will be based at the contact point.
As in domestic politics, when you are 'uncertain' about the substance, emphasise the style.
The only times anyone asked Ilse what she wanted was when she was 'uncertain' .
If people are 'uncertain' as to who they are uniting against, they seem even less sure of what they are standing up for.
The link between violent music and violent behaviour is an 'uncertain' one.
Whether his death was caused by heart attack or assassination is still 'uncertain' .
He had friends down there but, after the flight, he is 'uncertain' of their fate.
There were lots of times when people were very 'uncertain' about the situation there.
Many more would like to begin trading, but are confused about the best way forward or 'uncertain' of the outcome.
I am 'uncertain' how, in those circumstances, she can reserve her position in relation to the point.
His morose delivery makes you 'uncertain' whether you are supposed to laugh or cry.
Life is more 'uncertain' , so the task of launching an adolescent into the world has become more complicated.
Serious business will be on hold, political time and capital tied up, and the ground rules 'uncertain' .
The future of this business and the fate of its 240 employees remain 'uncertain' .
Frances was 'uncertain' how younger students would view her, but soon made her mark.
The young couple she confronted with this information today seemed bemused and 'uncertain' how to react.
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