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unclaimed benefits
not demanded or requested as being something one has a right to.
translation of 'unclaimed'
The most common benefits left 'unclaimed' include the new pensions credit, which tops up the pension according to need.
The huge amount of 'unclaimed' benefits shows this doesn't work.
There are already billions of pounds in 'unclaimed' benefits.
So far £600 million has gone to good causes from 'unclaimed' tickets since 1994.
It was all by way of drawing attention to a pair of 'unclaimed' prizes which are burning sizeable holes in the Lotto vaults in Dublin.
A £5,000 reward for information leading to the killer's arrest and conviction is still 'unclaimed' .
He also introduced a rickshaw service, which takes 'unclaimed' bodies from the government mortuary for a proper burial.
Up in the press seats, a large pot of cash sat 'unclaimed' .
Hundreds of millions of pounds in benefits cash lies 'unclaimed' each year so it's well worth taking the time to check all your entitlements.
This was raised by the sale of 'unclaimed' lost property.
Perhaps they lose more in 'unclaimed' benefits than they gain in tax breaks.
It is estimated that £126.5m in disability benefits goes 'unclaimed' by people who go on to die of cancer.
Two such 'unclaimed' briefcases were found from the old district court chowk this morning causing a scare among residents.
The biggest prize currently 'unclaimed' is a jackpot worth almost £3m.
About £2 million worth of winning tickets have gone 'unclaimed' by absent-minded Essex players.
You know all those times when the jackpot goes 'unclaimed' ?
We're sold out, as we have been for many performances, and people are lining up to purchase any 'unclaimed' tickets.
The mysterious package was taken into the Stagecoach office overnight, and remained 'unclaimed' yesterday morning.
At the end of storage-out, any items left in storage will be considered 'unclaimed' .
Phones that go 'unclaimed' for more than three months are resold or discarded.
Army releases vid of unclaimed Pak BAT commando corpses
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