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athlete's foot is a painful and uncomfortable condition
causing or feeling slight pain or physical discomfort.
translation of 'uncomfortable '
सुख साधन रहित,
A master of image and mood, he seems deeply 'uncomfortable' with dialogue and structure.
Last weekend was very hot and no matter where or what you did it was 'uncomfortable' .
Angela had tried a variety of treatments in a bid to ease the horse's 'uncomfortable' condition.
The test can take from 10 minutes up to half an hour and can be slightly 'uncomfortable' .
The seats may be 'uncomfortable' and the music too assertive but we don't care!
This is an 'uncomfortable' condition caused by overuse, strain or a tear in a tendon.
As was always the case in company, he appeared 'uncomfortable' and slightly aloof.
People often feel 'uncomfortable' with that concept, but I don't have a problem with it.
I was waiting on an 'uncomfortable' plastic chair to be seen by a nurse.
Lying in this position may be slightly 'uncomfortable' , but it shouldn't be painful.
It is manifest in the wish for pain to go away; or the dismissal of some 'uncomfortable' idea.
I ended up occupying the end of the bar and nursing a Guinness and feeling decidedly 'uncomfortable' .
The flight back was very 'uncomfortable' , and I had to take a lot of painkillers.
The last camp is cut into a rockface and is supplied with an Islamic library and three 'uncomfortable' beds.
The angle of the seat is odd and Akra Jr always looks slightly 'uncomfortable' sitting in it.
It is most 'uncomfortable' craning one's neck whilst trying to watch the game.
For good people it is very 'uncomfortable' to be in the presence of someone in pain and not be able to do anything about it.
I am always physically 'uncomfortable' because of all the blue make-up I have to wear.
The conversation can often be 'uncomfortable' and the disagreements are here to stay.
Such a request would also represent a recognition of an 'uncomfortable' fact.
Although colic is not thought to be due to pain, a baby with colic may look 'uncomfortable' or appear to be in pain.
They made you laugh but feel rather 'uncomfortable' at the same time and comedy should do that occasionally.
Rebecca leaned back in her rather 'uncomfortable' wooden chair and folded her arms across her chest.
I'm very 'uncomfortable' with the idea of these psychologists analysing my responses.
It was a topic that I was 'uncomfortable' with as who wants to talk structure with friends.
Miller was obviously 'uncomfortable' with the questions and shifted in his chair.
Also the heat in the office was said to have reached an extremely 'uncomfortable' level.
I will go back to change it to the default one immediately if this made you 'uncomfortable' .
This type of scraping biopsy can be 'uncomfortable' but not painful so no anaesthetic is required.
It's not that it's been hot so much as the very high humidity that's made me feel darned 'uncomfortable' .
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