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that would destroy jobs and make industry uncompetitive
(with reference to business or commerce) not competitive.
In the worst-case scenario, the shuttering of Italy's 'uncompetitive' industry could send unemployment soaring and trigger a long recession.
Unless it is managed better by both parties, they predict that the new deal will render organizations 'uncompetitive' .
No longer will he or she be able to hide behind the actions of his or her company to get away with 'uncompetitive' practices.
A general exemption on the grounds of public interest is built into the legislation to protect what might otherwise be 'uncompetitive' activity.
It said the T3, which is a relatively 'uncompetitive' machine, represented competition if only because of its installed base.
Could auto manufacturing become the 21st century equivalent of Germany's coal industry, 'uncompetitive' and destined to collapse?
The old system for choosing the elite cadre of advocates in England and Wales was frozen in 2003 after the Office of Fair Trading branded it 'uncompetitive' , and no QCs have been appointed since.
Maloney said that one of the major effects of the dotcom implosion was to rid the market of unprofitable and 'uncompetitive' firms.
Europe is sometimes perceived as a region which is internationally 'uncompetitive' .
While they destroy smaller traders by 'uncompetitive' means, the superstores' relations with each other are not quite as red in tooth and claw as their advertising suggests.
‘I believe that the market is riddled with 'uncompetitive' practice, which is hugely increasing the cost of doing business in Ireland,’ he said.
No wonder we are becoming commercially 'uncompetitive' with other nations.
Evan as wine shipments appear to be opening, the NY retail scene remains 'uncompetitive' because of blue laws.
He also expressed concern about the South, which he feels is becoming 'uncompetitive' .
Now look at how the Zambian industry has collapsed due to the same policies which have made the sector become 'uncompetitive' with other countries in the region.
Mr McDowell's comments come as the Competition Authority continues to investigate restrictive practices in the profession with a particular focus on perceived 'uncompetitive' practices among barristers.
Meanwhile, NBG is pulling back from Western Europe by closing 'uncompetitive' branches in Frankfurt, Paris, and Amsterdam.
A Shropshire distie is threatening to report Cisco to the DTI for 'uncompetitive' behaviour after the networking giant's lawyers began moves to stop it selling kit from Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei.
But the European Commission believes that this has led to 'uncompetitive' practices and disadvantages consumers through restricted choice.
Such comparisons show Ireland for what we have become, a high-cost, 'uncompetitive' economy.
This legacy of government intervention and private monopoly has left Ireland with numerous 'uncompetitive' sectors of the economy and a widespread culture of anti-consumer behaviour.
The Commission says the measures are similar to those the US secretary of transport has to counteract practices seen as 'uncompetitive' .
It has been under constant pressure from international financial circles to end the practice of stepping in with public funds to bail out 'uncompetitive' and failing corporate entities.
A compliance officer has since been assigned to ensure the campaign is not being unfair to traders and was devoid of any 'uncompetitive' practices.
So there's less reason for companies to stick with 'uncompetitive' locations.
The Competition Authority is to probe excessive fees and 'uncompetitive' practices in the Irish banking sector.
Polyester manufacturing has become 'uncompetitive' in high cost economy of the developed countries.
As a result, he says, ‘we've become drastically 'uncompetitive' .’
The OFT is to look into competition and selling with regard to store cards and could launch a formal investigation if 'uncompetitive' practices are found.
In reality, many markets are 'uncompetitive' and customers may have very little choice.
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