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बिना शर्त
unconditional surrender
not subject to any conditions.
translation of 'unconditional '
बिना शर्त,
सुख साधन रहित,
The referees who continue to handle our games deserve our full and 'unconditional' support.
The other angel, holding lilies, has a look of 'unconditional' forgiveness.
Because despite what they can think of us at times, we have an 'unconditional' love that will never be broken.
It says that this time compliance must be full, 'unconditional' and immediate.
Johnny lapped up the 'unconditional' hero worship that the rest of Australia is too cynical to give him.
The hearing was adjourned until December 12 and Davies was remanded on 'unconditional' bail.
In watching it again the other day, I was reminded of the theme of 'unconditional' love that made Akira so engaging.
There must be more to things than just conditional attachment or 'unconditional' detachment.
However, the demarcation between a conditional and an 'unconditional' order is not always clear.
It wants to avoid a full and 'unconditional' withdrawal from the Occupied Territories.
Subjection is 'unconditional' and must not be re-evaluated in the light of experience.
If war is a matter of national survival, then the only acceptable outcome is 'unconditional' surrender.
Potter has been released on 'unconditional' bail for pre-sentence reports until May 6.
Her intentions have since then become clear and her 'unconditional' love of the children is obvious.
Miller had received a full and 'unconditional' pardon from Ronald Reagan before he was sentenced.
Lowry suggests that these terms were far removed from those of 'unconditional' surrender.
They had an eight-week window to finalise legal and planning issues so the offer could be made 'unconditional' .
She was on her way to total freedom, 'unconditional' love, and God was going to be with her every bit of the way.
They released her on 'unconditional' bail and told her she will be sentenced in the week starting October 28.
Many Americans will expect that support to be 'unconditional' and unquestioning.
And she was absolutely, 'unconditionally' devoted to me, though that may not have been a good thing.
But then to be loved, it is imperative to love selflessly, fully, 'unconditionally' .
Trust, by contrast, emerges only as an element of a very particular type of 'unconditionality' , one based upon the autonomous acts of individuals.
One of the most distinct characteristics of a parent/child relationship is its 'unconditionality' .
It makes perfect sense to 'unconditionally' love the land mass you happen to be born and raised in.
A calling, in its 'unconditionality' , demands great personal sacrifice.
Then there is love you have for your spouse or significant other - it tends to be unconditional to a point - but in most cases, you do choose who you love and so that 'unconditionality' is limited.
A fierce battle must be fought against this situation in the National Socialist spirit, and this spirit cannot be allowed to be suffocated by humanizing, Christian ideas that suppress its 'unconditionality' …
The right to divorce is totally and 'unconditionally' [almost] granted to the husband.
They are loved totally and 'unconditionally' by their relatives and carers.
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