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an unconfirmed report of shots being fired
not confirmed as to truth or validity.
translation of 'unconfirmed'
सेवा में स्थायी न किया गया,
An 'unconfirmed' number of homes were also left without electricity when power lines were taken out just before 7pm.
While information is sketchy, 'unconfirmed' reports put the number of bodies at 100.
Now Britain is dealing with 'unconfirmed' reports something similar was in the works for its capital.
One 'unconfirmed' report claimed that the building had to be evacuated after the incident.
The actor to play the role of the Doctor is 'unconfirmed' .
Also, an 'unconfirmed' number of casualties in Eastern Africa have been reported.
However, there was also an 'unconfirmed' report that his wife, Susie, had been taken ill.
An 'unconfirmed' piece of news reached the villagers when we were talking to them that POTA clauses were removed on them.
Although the artist is 'unconfirmed' , Johannesburg Stadium is the confirmed venue.
Reports of police attendance and subsequent charges are 'unconfirmed' .
While still 'unconfirmed' , some close to the action confide that they think the album and tour will happen.
The two men were released after four months but do not know whether a ransom was paid, as 'unconfirmed' reports have suggested.
An 'unconfirmed' report said the Cosmos salon was British-owned.
He said there were 'unconfirmed' reports of casualties in other islands.
However, one 'unconfirmed' report suggests it could be a matter of days before the company ceases to offer any service at all.
According to one 'unconfirmed' report the fires may have been started deliberately as part of a malicious attack against a telco.
There were 'unconfirmed' reports that police believe the suspect was one of the attackers involved in yesterday's incidents.
There have been 'unconfirmed' reports of small children and the elderly dying after being fumigated.
Since then there has been 111 either confirmed or still 'unconfirmed' cases.
This last quote is instructive because of the manner with which Barton admitted that it is 'unconfirmed' .
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