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the ground wire was left unconnected
not joined together or to something else.
translation of 'unconnected '
Four 'unconnected' works go together well on this one CD.
The film begins by offering discontinuous glimpses of three 'unconnected' characters, then flashes a preview of the climactic moment, when all three somehow come together in a bloody motel room.
He told Scotland on Sunday: ‘The two things are completely 'unconnected' .’
Partly due to its descriptiveness, to its piecing together of 'unconnected' pictorial threads, the poetry becomes suspended outside time.
Millenarian movements require a charismatic leader to bind together disparate, 'unconnected' people, and, by convincing them of the imminence of the Apocalypse, turn them into a revolutionary force.
But he sounds rushed, and the hand gestures seem 'unconnected' .
It's essentially a minibus with wings, stopping at every tiny town, because Nunavik is like a dot-to-dot nobody's bothered to join up, a region of 15 villages 'unconnected' by road or rail.
Communications-wise, these locations were 'unconnected' islands.
In an 'unconnected' incident, police in Doncaster are hunting masked men wielding a sledgehammer who terrified staff and customers at Hatfield Post Office before escaping with cash.
We make a point of showing ways in which seemingly 'unconnected' resources link together to form a toolkit for changing the world.
Two separate men have been charged with the 'unconnected' offences and are going through the courts.
There is an apparent dissonance or disjunction in her work, but this comes from a novel meshing of seemingly discontinuous or 'unconnected' themes and problems.
There is no plot, only a succession of 'unconnected' scenes taped together.
One theory is the sheep might have eaten at thorny hedges or developed a condition called Orf, an 'unconnected' virus that causes blistering similar to that seen in foot and mouth cases.
But perhaps the best refutation of the idea that philosophy and morality are 'unconnected' came, as we might have expected, from Samuel Johnson.
In many cases, desirable features of the universe would not have come about, unless seemingly 'unconnected' states of affairs had come together in the right sort of way.
Is it possible that Raines just can't see reliable sources for such tales, corroborated by other, 'unconnected' reliable sources?
Community organizing is getting a group of unconnected people who are doing many 'unconnected' things to start working together for some common purpose.
As well, when parks are 'unconnected' islands, species are unable to move when environmental changes occur, something that could be especially problematic with global climate change.
Many of the Northwest Islands are joined together by tunnels carved through the solid rock of the seabed, the still 'unconnected' islands are accessed by car ferries.
There were two initially 'unconnected' parts which in the ultimate process of assembly came together in the appropriate way, but to get them there, you had to hold one part with one hand, and one part with the other.
Subfields of psychology can be arguably characterized as islands of 'unconnected' knowledge.
Common partners can serve as referral agents and relay expectations and responsibilities as part of the process of bringing together two hitherto 'unconnected' firms.
We need an immediate ban on the creation of new virtual animals, cute or otherwise, and existing ones will have to either be quarantined on an 'unconnected' server or burnt in a big insanitary heap of pixels.
Individual paper proposals 'unconnected' with existing seminars may also be sent to the Program Committee.
What is recent, however, is the advent of software that brings 'unconnected' people together using the Internet.
This body also established state scientific research, bringing together hitherto 'unconnected' projects and scientists and enhancing the possibility of successful outcomes.
It's the standard operating put-down with which irate mothers pack off malingering boys - who cite 'unconnected' causes while feigning outlandish illnesses - to school.
Maxwell Brown had endured 20 operations after being born with his stomach 'unconnected' to his throat, and his father's T-shirt was intended as a tribute during Essandoh's goal celebrations.
The implications of the ‘court composer’ title capture something of the sense of Britten's power as well as, not 'unconnectedly' , the sense of resentment that this in turn fostered.
What Happened On The Eve Of 15th August 1947?
Connect the unconnected, serve the unserved: Aruna Sundararajan
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