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Parisians remain unconvinced that the project will be approved
not certain that something is true or can be relied on or trusted.
translation of 'unconvinced'
Many people who work with the impoverished are 'unconvinced' there's enough work available.
However often he repeats this message, many remain 'unconvinced' .
Many parents remain 'unconvinced' and are pushing to question the minister.
He left a number of local residents 'unconvinced' by some aspects of the plans, but he carefully spelled out what the alternative would be.
Most aid agencies however remain 'unconvinced' and concerned about how Pakistan might treat those that are part of a fresh influx.
European oil companies Shell and Elf pulled out last year 'unconvinced' of the project's viability.
His first album, One Mississippi, was a critical hit, but Virgin records remained 'unconvinced' .
Murray has listened to the same arguments, but remains 'unconvinced' .
But the protesters, who are increasingly determined to halt the spread of wind farms, are 'unconvinced' .
He looks like a man unsure and 'unconvinced' he has got it right.
But the public remained 'unconvinced' and the families of her victims vowed to kill her if she was ever set free.
The rest of the world, and a good part of the American public, are also 'unconvinced' .
Neil Wallis, editor of the Sunday People, was entirely 'unconvinced' .
He is well aware of my dubious provenance as a tipster, but seemed 'unconvinced' that I could be that bad.
I'd like to think we will give them a good game, but I remain 'unconvinced' after yesterday's performance.
We remain 'unconvinced' by the arguments for CS spray, and feel that it carries a number of health implications.
With the Celtic support already 'unconvinced' about his form, mistakes such as these draw attention to his whole game.
Lord Falconer said the government remained 'unconvinced' about the case for change so there was nothing for people to vote on.
But people in the Black Isle are distrustful of government scientific advice and remain 'unconvinced' .
Shirley wrote from Boston to London urging the deportation of the Acadians, but Britain was 'unconvinced' .
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