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expensive mistakes resulting from uncoordinated manufacturing strategies
badly organized.
Muscle contractions may cause uncoordinated movements and bizarre postures.
(of a person or their movements) clumsy.
translation of 'uncoordinated'
Most of his movements are 'uncoordinated' or involuntary reflexes.
Being the 'uncoordinated' person I am, I didn't catch it and it knocked me in the forehead.
Effectively protected from public scrutiny, the barbed-wire medical system is 'uncoordinated' , underfunded and has almost zero accountability.
Traditionally there has been a lack of coordination among providers, and patient education is sporadic, unplanned, and 'uncoordinated' .
Muscle contractions may cause 'uncoordinated' movements and bizarre postures.
He was an 'uncoordinated' boy, extremely tall and gangly with small eyes and an unusually large nose, and what he lacked in talent, he made up for in enthusiasm.
I do not think we're seeing low-level criminal activity anymore; I also don't think we're seeing 'uncoordinated' attacks.
Besides, I had felt awkward and 'uncoordinated' in those other classes, and I hope this workshop will enlighten both my mind and body.
In other words, I was as 'uncoordinated' as a camel wearing roller skates.
Mick showed me some capoeira moves which looked really cool, although I'm pretty sure I'd be totally 'uncoordinated' if I tried them.
At this stage, my dancing is still awkward, rigid, 'uncoordinated' , an embarrassment, to be frank.
In the absence of commitment from professional and organisational leaders, efforts will be fragmentary and 'uncoordinated' and will have only minor effects.
He felt that the city administration's decision not to cancel the plan showed how 'uncoordinated' the planning of projects in the administration was.
This is a clear example of failure of a fragmented and 'uncoordinated' health system.
Their attack disintegrated into 'uncoordinated' actions by small groups of tanks.
I'm too 'uncoordinated' for that, so as a child, I used to do the next best thing: body surfing.
According to Robbins, its messages are 'uncoordinated' and sometimes contradictory, varying in tone and style.
But the 'uncoordinated' attacks from those who did choose to fight seems to indicate a lack of leadership, or at least effective leadership, on the part of the military command.
He said in such a situation, development tended to be haphazard and 'uncoordinated' there by making standards poor and connectivity between systems difficult.
He has 'uncoordinated' movements and his condition also affects his speech, but his mental ability is not impaired.
But I was incredibly 'uncoordinated' trying to take a shower and almost fell.
From there I became a clumsy little child, then blossoming forth into a 'uncoordinated' teen devoid of all sporting ability whatsoever.
I'm not going to the gym, which I just joined, because I'm too ashamed to have everyone see how 'uncoordinated' and fat I am.
In short, the old system was said to be uncertain, 'uncoordinated' and haphazard, relying on private and amateur effort, and prone to corruption.
The managed care movement is one of the country's efforts to organize the fragmented, 'uncoordinated' , and costly health care delivery system.
Protests by adherents are small, sporadic and 'uncoordinated' .
His own steps felt heavy and 'uncoordinated' as he walked up the stairs to the master bedroom.
When you are literally frozen in fear, your whole body is tensed and tight, and any movement feels scary and 'uncoordinated' .
Housing advice provision is presently 'uncoordinated' leading to disparities within the district.
Low-intensity warfare continues and soldiers continue to suffer casualties from 'uncoordinated' attacks in the country.
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