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she'd spent uncountable nights in this very bed
too many to be counted (usually in hyperbolic use).
translation of 'uncountable'
Twenty minutes and an 'uncountable' number of songs later, Brett finally pulled the car into a parking slot on the black asphalt.
Seven huge men stood around her, all with an 'uncountable' number of guns and gadgets which she knew how to use.
Fast food restaurants were common, we had a few movie theaters, a baseball stadium, a bunch of major shopping centers, and an 'uncountable' number of miscellaneous stores.
It takes almost an 'uncountable' number of signatures to launch a shuttle.
Every student of the academy, and most people in the realm, knew that this area of mountains was teeming with an 'uncountable' number of creatures.
Within the Milky Way galaxy alone, there are over 100 billion stars, and there are an 'uncountable' number of galaxies in the universe.
While I deal with a few letters to the editor, blog posts and one-on-one discussions, leaders of provinces and nations must withstand daily scrutiny from an 'uncountable' number of sources.
They had run to the edge of the world and back again, many enemies thus in pursuit, an 'uncountable' number of thieves and competitors perpetually on the hunt.
Every individual happening is, in its most fundamental form, an 'uncountable' number of happenings; there is simply no escaping shades of grey.
Amidst the 'uncountable' multitude of white marble rooms scattered around the premise, one large room stood out from the rest.
There was a grand staircase and an 'uncountable' number of rooms.
The unfamiliar aspects were the lack of boxes with ‘returned merchandise’ stickers and the 'uncountable' number of times we were asked if we needed assistance.
The night air was cool and refreshing, and the sky was filled with an 'uncountable' number of stars.
After an 'uncountable' number of hours, they were both tired
But to see them in 'uncountable' numbers along a jagged hillside, or rising out of a sandy wash, or even in haphazard rows along the side of the road gives me a new appreciation.
Because of this, mathematicians now refer to the infinite set of real numbers as 'uncountable' .
No one sets out deliberately to destroy rivers and streams; environmental damage happens as a byproduct of an 'uncountable' number of individual and corporate decisions.
To the right of her was a lavish dining room, and to the left was a library with an 'uncountable' number of books.
This version swept the nation in 'uncountable' numbers.
An 'uncountable' number of guns were raised, and Alex was shot.
They create isolated instances of beauty because they realise that the excitement and pain of each moment is 'uncountably' precious, a rose we can gaze at and contemplate but which crumbles to dust at the faintest touch.
Is our universe all there is, or are there 'uncountably' many parallel universes?
An example of something that is 'uncountably' infinite would be all the real numbers (including numbers like 2.34… and the square root of 2, as well as all the integers and rational numbers).
The set of possible interpretations is 'uncountably' infinite (in contrast to the countably infinite - there are different sizes of infinities), and so, you can never run out of novel ways to connect the dots.
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