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he uncovered the face of the dead man
remove a cover or covering from.
no uncovered heads are seen on the street
not covered.
translation of 'uncovered'
बिना बीमे का,
खोला हुआ,
खोल दिया हुआ,
खुला हुआ,
खुल जाया हुआ
Her 'uncovered' arm was exposed to the chemical and her arm started to blister and burn.
It has a sweeping main stand, but is otherwise open and 'uncovered' , a pleasant venue incapable of intimidating visitors.
There were old wells, covered and 'uncovered' , throughout the district, and Joe knew which ones were safe.
Sprinkle with pickled ginger and fold the bamboo mat so that the filling is enclosed, then moisten the 'uncovered' strip of seaweed and roll up.
The dim light bulb hung lifelessly above their heads, and the wall paper covered only half the wall and the other half stood bare and 'uncovered' .
Remove the lid and foil and bake, 'uncovered' , for a further 20 minutes.
Remove the foil and continue to roast, 'uncovered' , for 35 minutes or until the tomatoes have collapsed and are soft.
‘To this day I can't bring myself to enter a room with an 'uncovered' window,’ says Conley.
This is an 'uncovered' complex extending over an area of 38,000 square metres with over fifty tenants and includes a unique craft centre with four hundred craft booths under one roof.
It consisted of three small upstairs rooms with 'uncovered' floors.
Cook the mussels 'uncovered' for a further minute or two, until the shells fully open.
There was a grunt from the other room, then a clatter of glass striking 'uncovered' floor.
Just a cold arctic wind that kept blowing directly on my 'uncovered' face.
Bake 'uncovered' for 15 minutes, until the cheese melts.
They found a spot in the shade and sat on partially 'uncovered' stones.
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