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the undefeated champion
not defeated, especially in a battle or other contest.
Having slipped to fifth place York now have the daunting task of going the rest of the season 'undefeated' if they are to stay in the title race
They remain 'undefeated' in this year's intermediate league and held off any team that crossed their path.
I know from experience the difference a few games 'undefeated' can make to morale in the camp.
We went right through the season 'undefeated' and then lost the last game at home in front of 70,000 people.
The Premier League newcomers are now 'undefeated' after two matches.
The U.S. went entirely 'undefeated' in the tournament until the final game against Canada.
This was a clean sweep by the Ulster side who remained 'undefeated' in all of their championship matches.
Quite how a boxer with such a poor capacity for absorbing a blow has gone 24 fights 'undefeated' remains a mystery.
He eventually achieved the maximum eight wins, retiring 'undefeated' .
The last team to complete a full season 'undefeated' was Terry Woods' Thistles team of 1992.
Anything between three and six games 'undefeated' would bring us back into the pack.
Recently, a shining star has emerged from the show after going seven weeks straight 'undefeated' .
City looked well set to make it ten games 'undefeated' after Mark Bower's goal on 34 minutes handed City a deserved lead.
That was probably the reason why we went 'undefeated' as long as we did.
Now they have gone four games 'undefeated' and have moved up from the doldrums.
Both teams are 'undefeated' after three rounds and the result of the game will go a long way to showing the state of the competition.
Thompson remained 'undefeated' in the singles for the third season in a row and was division one individual runner-up to Leake.
Stirling County went third after their third successive 'undefeated' game.
He has consistently dominated the court all season, going 'undefeated' in all his singles matches.
After five games without a win, Menston have now gone three 'undefeated' , with two victories and a winning draw.
I-League: Aizawl on undefeated home run as BFC continue winless streak
TRENDING: Thailand undefeated as Uber Cup finals begin
Undefeated Cruz Azul visits Necaxa in Mexican soccer
Liverpool beat Tottenham 2-1, continue 5-game undefeated start to season
Djokovic battles past Cilic, goes undefeated in ATP Finals round-robin play
Juve beat Roma to stay undefeated in Serie A
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