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underdeveloped kidneys
not fully developed.
translation of 'underdeveloped'
पिछड़ा हुआ,
छोटा सा,
The global mining industry thereby makes national development under global capitalism extremely difficult for 'underdeveloped' countries.
The arts market in Yorkshire is 'underdeveloped' , yet we know there is enormous scope for growth.
He encouraged dialogue between the wealthy industrial nations and the 'underdeveloped' countries.
Citizens of economically 'underdeveloped' countries typically have shorter life expectancies than do citizens of the developed countries.
The old man watched her go, a slight 'underdeveloped' girl, wearing a ragged pair of boys' shorts too big for her, a lustrous mop of untidy hair falling in glossy black waves almost to her bony shoulders.
It is possible to build a critical audience and a variety of tastes but that takes time and consistency, not an easy task for 'underdeveloped' countries with no money or devotion to long-term goals.
Typically, students are not taught about the global economy and the impact of free trade on 'underdeveloped' countries.
I have divided the thirteen largest 'underdeveloped' countries into three groups: moderately advanced, intermediate, and poor.
Under such a system, manufacturing organizations would be centred on those parts of the world where labour is both most competent and most tractable, leading to the economic development of 'underdeveloped' regions.
This country, he said, was a land of unlimited opportunities, with a growing middle class and an impressive savings rate, yet with an 'underdeveloped' banking system ripe for reform.
When economic expansion began to decline in the 1970s, it was more profitable to export capital to 'underdeveloped' countries where wages were low, than to import workers.
We will do that, but I regret to report that in my experience, the internet is still an 'underdeveloped' and relatively small phenomenon in their world.
In 1903, a method of increasing the annual tax on vacant or 'underdeveloped' land was adopted.
There are wealthy creditors and bankrupt debtors; there are super rich countries and 'underdeveloped' countries, super wealthy speculators and impoverished malnourished children.
The U.S. must work with those 'underdeveloped' nations to improve their quality of life.
A recurring issue in all 'underdeveloped' countries is a lack of credit.
Some of the beats aren't bad, but there's just nothing exceptional about this album - no hooks and slightly 'underdeveloped' voices - nothing really to keep you coming back.
It's just not enough, though, because first, the characterisation is 'underdeveloped' , and second, there is no attempt to establish an audience-character relationship.
It's tough being a student; between lack of funds, daytime classes and that 'underdeveloped' work ethic, it's almost impossible to diligently pursue something.
During walks in the woods, Rusty, whose blindness is caused by 'underdeveloped' retinas, would follow Dugan, staying right at his ear.
When the plot is so haphazard, the themes so 'underdeveloped' , the characters so sketchy, such obvious imagery seems to be hopeless compensation for the film's failure to articulate anything else competently.
We have seen the migration of the garment industry from the developed world to the 'underdeveloped' world.
Yet, in the final analysis, they remain just that: 'underdeveloped' suggestions that still require substantial clarification.
Most 'underdeveloped' countries have not closed the development gap with advanced countries; very few have done so.
What's worse, none of these genres is given enough time to develop, resulting in a scattered and 'underdeveloped' plot.
We should be putting resources, people, and money, into helping 'underdeveloped' countries deal with their own serious health problems.
The budget should reflect policy priorities of social needs cluster departments as a re-affirmation of government's strategic focus on developing the poor and 'underdeveloped' communities.
The band's songs are 'underdeveloped' in the sense that they earnestly try to cram a catchy melody into every minute of every song, which dilutes the potency of the album as a whole.
He's awkward, he's aimless, he has no friends - he's a poster boy for emotionally 'underdeveloped' young moderns everywhere, the victim of a nameless and invisible sickness of the societal soul.
Nonetheless, there are times in the film, especially during the second half, when the plot is somewhat scattered, leaving many introduced themes unfinished or 'underdeveloped' .
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