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There are other people who are employed, but they're underemployed in terms of their skills.
(of a person) not having enough paid work or not doing work that makes full use of their skills and abilities.
The name isn't important, but since I'm an 'underemployed' historian, I'll use subtext because these words are about all I have to show for my education.
Mr. Berry's closing submission goes some way towards recognizing that Larry is now 'underemployed' .
And according to a study conducted by the state, the region has 125,000 'underemployed' workers who could be trained for new or more advanced jobs.
There are other people who are employed, but they're 'underemployed' in terms of their skills.
They're 'underemployed' , and yet they make some of the best employees because they're grateful for the jobs.
I suppose it would remain popular at least until all the investment capital leaves the province, leaving an 'underemployed' (but very highly educated!) workforce.
He worries, if the high-paying jobs move offshore, that could leave him and other workers permanently 'underemployed' .
These 'underemployed' immigrants work in jobs as foodstand operators, baby-sitters, or waitresses either in family-run restaurants or in the catering trade.
I do not find the respondent to be intentionally 'underemployed' .
Namely, many were 'underemployed' men who possessed some military skills, enjoyed ready access to the arms of the day, and knew how to exploit relatively light government supervision.
‘Nobody is 'underemployed' in the health service,’ a spokesman said.
Some migrants reported that they were 'underemployed' and did not work at the level for which training had prepared them.
There is still plenty of 'underemployment' in this country - people who would like to work longer hours - and I'm sure the 93,000 people on the dole wouldn't mind filling in a bit here and there.
We have a high amount of 'underemployment' in this country.
While graduate employment figures may be healthy, the problem of 'underemployment' can clearly have a negative effect on both students and companies.
We'd like to think that we're the strongest economic power in the world, but at the same time we've got this real big problem of 'underemployment' .
Unemployment and 'underemployment' of breadwinners is, of course, devastating for families.
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