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though his accent was strange, the words were perfectly understandable
able to be understood.
translation of 'understandable'
समझ में आनेवाला,
Still, regardless of whether it's 'understandable' or normal, the tension's still there.
His reasons for leaving were 'understandable' .
He has his reasons and they are 'understandable' .
These sentiments might be 'understandable' , but again they're hardly rational.
When you take these things into account it's 'understandable' where we are.
Business customers are always slow in upgrading, for obvious and 'understandable' reasons.
This is 'understandable' but in the long term it is a serious mistake.
It was, of course, an innocent mistake, perhaps 'understandable' at the end of what has been a giddying week.
So why did it seem so 'understandable' and even, dare I say it, innocent, in his telling?
They did not choose to exercise that option, for 'understandable' reasons.
Many directors and actors in this country have made the same 'understandable' mistake.
It was an 'understandable' mistake when the request was made by phone.
She is able to explain the more arcane bits of theology in a very clear and 'understandable' way.
Some delay in assessing complex claims and establishing facts is 'understandable' .
This reaction was entirely predictable and 'understandable' , albeit a bit extreme.
She gave me completely 'understandable' reasons for her words, her actions and her choices.
They hate her for 'understandable' reasons: she has all but destroyed their cause.
Such a reaction was perhaps 'understandable' in the heat of the moment.
The pride she feels in what she is doing, while 'understandable' , is borderline smug.
It is quite 'understandable' then that he is able to get home a great deal earlier than expected.
It is 'understandable' that businesses want to provide best value and have a cost-effective system.
Going back to the database example, as the inconsistency piles up, the 'understandability' of the database degrades.
Most journalists are 'understandably' careful to reflect fairly the views of the people they speak to.
Pressure to excel in this exam is 'understandably' intense: success is a cause worth celebrating.
The effect of this consolidation will be to improve 'understandability' , reduce burden, clarify requirements, and improve implementation and compliance.
At university he was one of the most liked professors in the Mathematics Department and was recognised by all for the excellence, skill, and 'understandability' of his lectures and especially his proofs.
Most guidebook publishers are 'understandably' reluctant to post their valuable content online.
I'm on a campaign to ensure that our products have beauty and emotional impact as well as effectiveness and 'understandability' .
Many young drivers were also, 'understandably' , worried about driving on motorways.
For me, what is most important is the narration and its 'understandability' .
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