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a firm of builders undertook the construction work
commit oneself to and begin (an enterprise or responsibility); take on.
I give an undertaking that we shall proceed with the legislation
a formal pledge or promise to do something.
the management of funerals as a profession.
translation of 'undertaking '
औद्योगिक संस्थान,
चालू करना,
दायित्व लेना,
वचन देना,
साहय करना,
आरंभ करना
He has then given an 'undertaking' that until the wife goes back to court, he will not seek to take the child from the wife's control.
they get paid in return for the 'undertaking' of certain duties
a mammoth 'undertaking' that involved digging into the side of a cliff face
But in terms of practicality, getting it done, getting it written, getting it edited, a series would be a mammoth 'undertaking' at this point.
At-home hair coloring used to be a risky 'undertaking' : Too often, hair ended up looking like a botched science experiment.
it's a major 'undertaking' for a small rural community
In the application, my learned friend said that, if it was to be granted, there was an agreement or, at least, there was an 'undertaking' that costs would be paid in any event to the respondent.
They were given an 'undertaking' that this law would be passed.
Keeping these items safe will be a mammoth 'undertaking' .
Well, the customs of marriage in the Roman Catholic Church include an additional requirement - that is, an 'undertaking' that one will have children.
‘The task ahead for you is a mammoth 'undertaking' to ensure the continuation of our fishing industries,’ he told the 300 delegates.
He gave an 'undertaking' that everything would be up and running before the end of this month.
The film is organised around the 'undertaking' of a single task.
When we made the original deal we gave an 'undertaking' that we would let the Council see what we are doing.
From the start, it was clearly a mammoth 'undertaking' , but Jack feels it was worth it.
If there is to be an economy of scale we'd like an 'undertaking' that the university will make sure there are going to be no compulsory job losses.
It is not to be involved in the actual 'undertaking' of the task to gather the evidence.
There is also an 'undertaking' that the applicant had 28 days at that period of time in which to lodge the application.
The company in Italy has given us an 'undertaking' that the lift will be operational by April 10.
the knowing 'undertaking' of an obligation
I give an 'undertaking' that we shall proceed with the legislation
Irrespective of the success of the government's latest initiative, eradicating poverty among such a large proportion of the population would prove a mammoth 'undertaking' .
Mr. Power gave an 'undertaking' that potholes on the road would be filled and that adequate lighting would be provided on barrels while the work was ongoing.
I give an 'undertaking' that we shall proceed with the legislation
Frankly, I don't think so, even if the 'undertaking' should prove risky and difficult.
Reprising his Oscar winning role was a risky 'undertaking' .
Saplings will be given free of cost to all those who give an 'undertaking' that they would take care of them.
The station was asked to give an 'undertaking' that it will present any argument or discussion about the new broadcast franchise in a fair and balanced way while it continues on the air.
We had an 'undertaking' that we would be able to speak.
Building roads is an 'undertaking' that is unlikely to get any cheaper any time soon.
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