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the remodeling should be underway by July
having started and in progress; being done or carried out.
the ship was so huge and silent, I hadn't realized we had gotten underway
(of a boat) moving through the water.
translation of 'underway'
क्रम में,
प्रक्रिया में
मार्ग का,
रास्ते का,
सड़क का
the remodeling should be 'underway' by July
The doctors' surgery will house five GPs, and moves are 'underway' to recruit a sixth.
Full details of the project will emerge during the design process which is now 'underway' .
The company has research 'underway' into a number of materials that may form the basis for future chip technology.
At one end of this area, a massive building project has been 'underway' for the best part of 20 years.
The project is already 'underway' , with work due to be completed by early next year.
the ship was so huge and silent, I hadn't realized we had gotten 'underway'
Jillian waited until the flautists were seated and the practice was well 'underway' .
A game of pool was soon 'underway' and others quickly began playing foosball and ping-pong.
The networking company has confirmed that it has a hosted storage service pilot program 'underway' .
An FBI investigation into the security breach is 'underway' , but has yet to result in any arrests.
Although camera phones are getting popular, new laws are 'underway' to seriously limit their usage.
The action gets 'underway' at 7pm tonight with top local and regional bowlers in action.
Plans for the construction of the school had been 'underway' for a number of years.
There were no guard rails, so working on the decks while 'underway' must have been hazardous.
The public consultation exercise on the new plans is already 'underway' and carries on until November.
Discussions are still 'underway' between the unions and those two employers.
Construction is 'underway' , and some units will be complete by the end of this year.
However, research is 'underway' to understand the causes, and develop a cure.
Sandra amazed us all with the number of worthwhile projects the trust has 'underway' .
The final phase in the development of the historic Gravesend town pier is 'underway' .
Things didn't get any better when the star-studded National Open got 'underway' .
The wait for the next instalment is almost over, with the countdown to the Christmas special 'underway' .
It feels great to get under a hot shower and snuggle in my cozy cabin as the large vessel gets 'underway' .
India's economy a stable haven, firm anti-terror steps underway: President (Roundup)
India's economy a stable haven, firm anti-terror steps underway: President (Intro Roundup)
India-EU summit gets underway
Heart of Asia senior officials' meet gets underway
International home textiles fair gets underway
World Bank-funded fruit project underway in Himachal
Third round of Honda One Make race gets underway on Saturday (Preview)
Countdown for launch of Indian weather satellite underway
First BRICS Trade Fair gets underway in Delhi
Shorter, better IFFI to get underway in Goa on Sunday
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