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भार रहित
he needed to travel light and unencumbered
not having any burden or impediment.
translation of 'unencumbered'
भार रहित
Sure, there are still places in this vast country where it is possible to escape, but they get harder and harder to find except for the fit, the adventurous and those 'unencumbered' by children or jobs.
They are 'unencumbered' trust funds pursuant to the Load Broker Regulations of the TTA.
I could understand you arguing that it was the duty of the Court of Appeal to decide this question for themselves, 'unencumbered' by any views that had previously been expressed by any other judge.
As Conservative MPs elected at this year's general election we represent a new generation 'unencumbered' by the political baggage of the past.
A company's 'unencumbered' view of its supply chain provides a competitive advantage by being able to react to constantly changing requirements.
That was a specific document to cover a mortgage for the particular purpose on an 'unencumbered' title.
He offered the view, 'unencumbered' by reality check, that prolonged engagement would necessitate the introduction of conscription.
There is an important public interest in discouraging restraint on trade, and maintaining free and open competition 'unencumbered' by the fetters of restrictive covenants.
They bring a transparency of texture and easiness of pace to the music that allows it to speak directly, 'unencumbered' by its status as a masterpiece of the Germanic repertoire.
It is common ground that it is the consideration for the dutiable transaction and not the 'unencumbered' value of the shares that is in question.
While we go into the match 'unencumbered' by expectation, the same is not true of the Welsh.
Kent is a song stylist in the swing tradition, and her vocals are refreshingly 'unencumbered' by elaboration for the sake of it.
Here, too, was a place where I could freely speculate about Mary's album's complex meanings, 'unencumbered' by the burden of historical proof.
Pat McGowan, the book's hideous central character, is 'unencumbered' by any moral code, even the criminal.
But, even if they gladly sacrifice the joys of 'unencumbered' youth, early motherhood has reduced the chance they will enjoy the life that most of us would wish for our daughters.
Quietly contemplative, perfectly still, he sits 'unencumbered' by the world.
The way to ensure that there aren't hungry people in the world is to give peasants land, 'unencumbered' by debt peonage.
Being 'unencumbered' by any public baggage from the Thatcher or Major days is a clear plus, although this comes hand in hand with a whopping lack of experience.
Its value is the value of his 'unencumbered' interest minus the value of the secured loan.
Bloggers - 'unencumbered' by the cosy club rules that bind politicians and political journalists - could make a contribution in both areas.
Thus the suggestion that he has an 'unencumbered' equity of about $125,000 in that property is at present open to question.
For Winer, the trick is to find prime land that's 'unencumbered' by debt, yet managed by people with a vision for it.
If the idea was to be able to require the daughters to join in a sale of the 'unencumbered' freehold, far more than this agreement was required.
Likewise he can speak out on environmental issues 'unencumbered' by the focus-group fudges that blunted his election campaign.
The present value of the house, 'unencumbered' with vacant possession, is about £160,000.
The plaintiff still holds all the shares as his own absolutely 'unencumbered' property.
By assets, it is unclear whether this means Pinacor's stock, or whether Scansource is buying Pinacor 'unencumbered' with debt.
He believed that an invisible hand ruled over the market place, guaranteeing that everyone would eventually benefit, if only the market mechanism were left 'unencumbered' .
Defensive and 'unencumbered' by concerns of how well his gameplan will be received by others, Gerard Houllier's approach to the weekly press conference mirrors that of his team on the pitch.
The properties were 'unencumbered' and the funds were deemed to be required either for the purchase of a property abroad or for refurbishment of the existing property.
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