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single mothers are often the target of unfavorable press attention
expressing or showing a lack of approval or support.
it would be unwise to sell the company while the economic circumstances are so unfavorable
adverse; inauspicious.
translation of 'unfavorable'
All they get is criticism and 'unfavorable' comparison with their foreign colleagues.
This is because the early-arriving males often suffer from 'unfavorable' weather conditions and lack of suitable food.
Both teams have poor fan support and 'unfavorable' stadium contracts.
The 'unfavorable' economic conditions at home contributed to this year's falling exports, Irwandy said.
Active management of labor is not associated with 'unfavorable' maternal or neonatal outcomes.
The paper argued that a venture capitalist with highly volatile status was more likely to have an 'unfavorable' economic outcome.
The group said the situation south of the border compared 'unfavourably' with Northern Ireland, where broadband is available to the entire population and has fewer line failures.
In recent years, Schröder has filed a series of lawsuits to deflect 'unfavourable' media attention, on one occasion suing a journalist who accused him of dying his hair.
Critical judgement of the play has tended to be 'unfavourable' .
The evidence linking increased weight with 'unfavourable' levels of objective physical health indicators is well supported.
In the Eurobond markets there is a growing list of potential issuers who have postponed or cancelled issues because of 'unfavourable' or poor market conditions.
From this we can predict favourable and 'unfavourable' outcomes.
The Department head took away some of her responsibilities, she said, and then wrote 'unfavourable' reports about her performance.
Surely they can't stand idly by while their party leader levels accusations of treason at newspapers just because their coverage is 'unfavourable' to him.
He flew to a military base to shore up his support in the face of 'unfavourable' polls and growing unease in Washington about the conflict.
We used repeat deliberate self harm as a marker of an 'unfavourable' outcome.
This comparison indicates the degree of favourableness or 'unfavourableness' of a treatment outcome in comparison to the total sample.
Despite this negative conclusion regarding one of his aims I do not want to leave the reader with an 'unfavourable' impression of the book.
In contrast, Zambia's imports rose in the same period under review leading to 'unfavourable' trade imbalances.
Her achievement was more impressive given the 'unfavourable' prevailing economic conditions.
A famously lapsed Catholic herself, Greer's desire to criticise the document in 'unfavourable' terms is not surprising.
What is alarming is the selective suppression of research which might reflect 'unfavourably' on the Federal Government's higher education policies.
Their low altitude, the 'unfavourable' climatic conditions and the fire were the factors that led to the fatal outcome.
He said special attention will be paid to overcoming the 'unfavourable' demographic situation by supporting parents.
I have received the lion's share of 'unfavourable' media attention and felt the heat of public scrutiny for two weeks.
Appearances are not a valid means of assessing someone's youth, whose favorableness or 'unfavorableness' is a subjective, not objective, matter.
To prevent an 'unfavourable' outcome, ultimately for all members of society, careful consideration of diverse issues surrounding human tissue is needed.
This five-to-one ratio compares 'unfavourably' with Japan, where more is spent on transport than is collected through tax, and to the US, where the same amount is collected in tax as is spent.
One could go so far as to say that tests have been designed to conceal 'unfavourable' outcomes.
The media coverage of the two visits was noteworthy for its lack of any 'unfavourable' commentary on the government's foreign policy.
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