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her last novel is unfinished
not finished or concluded; incomplete.
translation of 'unfinished'
पूरा नहीं,
The statue, like the London version, appears to be 'unfinished' .
Others talk about 'unfinished' business or even revenge, if someone they know was killed.
For the United States, it was a good opportunity to complete the 'unfinished' business of the American Revolution.
Road surfaces and footpaths in general are good, however road edges appear to be 'unfinished' .
What about all the 'unfinished' business in which they are involved?
Mr Prescott must endeavour to bring all parties back around the table to complete this morning's 'unfinished' business.
I took the job on as there was 'unfinished' business at a club where I have the backing of the chairman, committee and fans.
Top of the 'unfinished' business is to sort out the House of Lords.
It is the job of each new generation to finish the 'unfinished' business of the past.
You must clear away the detritus, finish your 'unfinished' business, before the New Year can be magic.
We are merely concluding 'unfinished' business in terms of the deal, and this measure is the best form of closure.
It is clear that our relationship with New Zealand is increasingly being seen as 'unfinished' business.
Long-term he has his sights on a marathon debut at the end of the year but he still has 'unfinished' business on the track.
Yet similar themes recur - Barker is a fearless writer, unafraid to return to business she feels is 'unfinished' .
Even if this particular pocket is wiped out, there is more important 'unfinished' business.
In the Deep South, you can almost feel the blood in the soil, the 'unfinished' business of a dark and tortured past.
But over McGrath's cinematic legacy there hangs an air of 'unfinished' business.
They finished second last year and feel they have some 'unfinished' business to tend to.
Now we are seeing the immoral legacy of this 'unfinished' business.
Scotland has 'unfinished' political business, with a devolved Parliament that pleases some and not others.
In fact, Mr Balls insists that he always wanted to stay on at the Treasury into the second term to complete 'unfinished' business.
Maybe that's for the best, maybe it's not - for now it's just a nagging feeling of business still 'unfinished' .
Despite its 'unfinished' surface, the statue was detailed, each piece of her naked form perfectly shaped.
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On Kashmir highway, an unfinished journey at dead of night (First Person)
SC directs NBCC to complete all unfinished housing projects of Amrapali Group
Shadow of FY20 budget's unfinished tasks on FY21 budget
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