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he has shown unflinching determination throughout the campaign
not showing fear or hesitation in the face of danger or difficulty.
translation of 'unflinching'
The young do not seem to be as determined and 'unflinching' as we were when we were in our teens.
His rationale is 'unflinching' , it is all about standards.
Her hair strayed like a dark veil in the night wind as she faced the knights with 'unflinching' courage.
Throughout his writing life, Amis stuck to an 'unflinching' schedule of 500 words each day.
Hughes offers no cosy assessment of child or adult, yet is 'unflinching' in his acceptance of their capacity for good and evil.
He had once more affirmed its 'unflinching' commitment to truth and justice above all else.
Guest's camera captures all of these things with unblinking, 'unflinching' honesty.
The gentle nostalgic style of his etchings contrast with his 'unflinching' observation of modern urban and domestic landscapes.
Resolution is an intelligent and 'unflinching' confrontation with the murkier side of human nature.
He placed trust in his deep 'unflinching' faith to carry him through.
However, David has praised Americans for respecting their sporting heroes and their 'unflinching' patriotism.
Eschewing cheap sentimentality, it casts an 'unflinching' , but compassionate eye over the unpredictability of real life.
But he was 'unflinching' in his reasons for defying party managers.
Yet, her iron will and 'unflinching' commitment put her on the top.
Show mercy to the obedient, and 'unflinching' resolve and force to the rebellious.
But the steps taken to resuscitate the bank were swift and 'unflinching' .
Patel looked Michael square in the eye with 'unflinching' resolve.
Hunter is 'unflinching' in her commitment to telling a persuasive story, but she is a romantic too.
It is amazing to see the couple's 'unflinching' courage against all odds.
He laid out, I think, in very 'unflinching' terms what he saw as challenges facing the church.
But for those who can take it 'unflinchingly' , with a fraction of the passion that Christ displayed, this may yet be the most significant viewing experience in a lifetime.
What I love about this movie is that it 'unflinchingly' represents what it's like to be ill - not from a short-term, curable cause, but to have an ongoing condition.
These images 'unflinchingly' confronted the gore, the naked terror, the arrogant incompetence, the pointless cruelty, the insane devastation of the military nightmare.
By all accounts, he is a courageous official, prepared to stand 'unflinchingly' in the way of those who try to buy themselves shortcuts around building regulations.
In Storytelling, he 'unflinchingly' confronts politically correct expectations of ethnic groups and the disabled, but also has the courage to do so with humor.
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