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that unforgettable first kiss
impossible to forget; very memorable.
translation of 'unforgettable'
The sight of these massive blocks of ice is certainly most impressive and 'unforgettable' .
He had to rush off afterwards because he was rehearsing for a show but he still found time to come along and help make it an 'unforgettable' night.
Bringing to the screen 'unforgettable' characters, he has never compromised on his beliefs.
There have been plenty of 'unforgettable' episodes in this lucky little shop.
Sarah's acceptance and his heroic feat made it an 'unforgettable' day.
The guy's just inexplicably 'unforgettable' in the role that made him an international star.
There's only so much you can forget and visions have a habit of being 'unforgettable' .
If you can blot out the racket, it is an 'unforgettable' experience.
The scenery along with the crisp mountain air promises to offer an 'unforgettable' experience.
I returned home late that evening with a sore throat, tired but quite happy after having spent an 'unforgettable' day.
Visitors say that watching the sun rise on the island was the most 'unforgettable' experience of their stay.
Her stage presence is utterly 'unforgettable' , and her musicianship is flawless.
Then lie back, relax and order their 'unforgettable' chocolate brownies.
Even for someone who is not a connoisseur of art, visiting the place is an 'unforgettable' experience.
Besides being a nostalgia trip, it also promises to be an 'unforgettable' culinary experience.
Here indeed was an 'unforgettable' spectacle, designed to mesmerise the West.
Their work offers an 'unforgettable' anthology of movement, illumination and music.
It was an 'unforgettable' journey after four days in the relative glamour and beauty of St Petersburg.
The great floods of March 1999 produced some memorable stories and 'unforgettable' images.
With his full band behind him, Brian will leave you with an 'unforgettable' impression.
A friend who owned one 'unforgettably' described it as being ‘like a little goat‘.
History must be told, and these folks told it 'unforgettably' last night.
When Melanie, the mother, played 'unforgettably' by Holly Hunter, finally listens, she is both impressed and finds it ‘scary.’
Hypnotically told, the movie then builds to its horrific climax, told graphically and 'unforgettably' .
Louis replied, 'unforgettably' : ‘He can run, but he can't hide.’
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