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it was his unfulfilled ambition to write
not carried out or brought to completion.
translation of 'unfulfilled'
न बसा हुआ,
The result is a portrait haunted by longing and 'unfulfilled' desire.
Her only ambition that remains 'unfulfilled' is to go to university.
Compound that with my 'unfulfilled' desire to just be done with it and I was a jumble of nerves.
There is no harder burden to carry than an 'unfulfilled' potential.
Denise has always had an 'unfulfilled' desire to return to her homeland which she left in 1976, aged seven, to emigrate to Blackburn with her family.
Two of my many still 'unfulfilled' ambitions are to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef and to swim with dolphins.
So the devil can offer us nothing but empty promises and 'unfulfilled' desires.
Curiously, her mother never saw it either and died at a ripe old age with that particular ambition 'unfulfilled' .
All the characters in Things You Can Tell are lonely and 'unfulfilled' .
He has, in all probability, just one chance to achieve the single ambition that remains 'unfulfilled' in his hard-working career.
The men horrified me, the way they seemed to be living 'unfulfilled' ambitions through their sons.
Then I thought some more about the emotions brought about by an 'unfulfilled' dream.
Frustration often points to 'unfulfilled' desire, to some sort of lack or emptiness.
He does have one ambition yet 'unfulfilled' , and that is to go around the world, including going across Canada by train.
Women unable to have children of their own are often left with a terrible sense of being 'unfulfilled' , as if their lives are incomplete.
To do so is to embrace an agonistic romanticism of perpetually 'unfulfilled' longing and desire.
First of all, I don't believe the characterization of being 'unfulfilled' .
One of his 'unfulfilled' ambitions is to write a scientific book on a particular forest and its inhabitants as well as write a book on wildlife photography.
His life as a banker was comfortable yet 'unfulfilled' .
For many the New Year promises another opportunity to realise 'unfulfilled' ambitions.
If people are 'unfulfilled' and unhappy that carries over in the quality of their work.
But there will be no 'unfulfilled' desires, and this blessedness will never end.
I reflected on the pointlessness of working in the job that I do, and found that I am completely and utterly 'unfulfilled' .
And so I still had a secret, 'unfulfilled' desire to see how the other half live.
Given his 'unfulfilled' ambition to construct a biology of the mind, Freud would have approved.
Having asked only a handful of the questions I had planned, I felt disappointed, unsatisfied and 'unfulfilled' .
But if he has any regrets, he adds, it relates to 'unfulfilled' ambitions.
‘After a series of 'unfulfilling' jobs in sales and marketing, I decided, after being a dedicated amateur photographer, to become a full-time photographer,’ he said.
Projections made on the back of a good year in 2004 will raise 'unfulfillable' expectations in gullible consumers.
Thus, some unscrupulous types are getting rich off kids' 'unfulfillable' dreams.
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