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I've seen too much unhappiness caused by broken marriages
the feeling of not being happy; sadness.
translation of 'unhappiness'
I've seen too much 'unhappiness' caused by broken marriages
My 'unhappiness' with the curriculum at the Academy deepened day by day.
The reluctance of the peasants to sign statutory documents reflects their 'unhappiness' about the terms of the Act of Emancipation of 1861.
Moscow has frequently expressed its 'unhappiness' at losing control over the region.
I've seen too much 'unhappiness' caused by broken marriages
His ability seemed to spring from perversity; perhaps even from 'unhappiness' .
Attachment is not wholesome; it will sooner or later bring 'unhappiness' .
Jasper was sitting in the back, groaning in 'unhappiness' .
The main reason for his departure was his 'unhappiness' with the company's performance.
I found myself quietly cheering at some of your eloquent criticisms of the pharmacological approach to 'unhappiness' .
Even the ballads sound like the singers have only vaguely heard of the concept of romantic 'unhappiness' .
Viewers voiced their 'unhappiness' at the upheaval on the company's website.
And there were bishops who did not disguise their 'unhappiness' with bishops who even raised such awkward questions.
The notes by the deceased may, he submitted, have genuinely expressed 'unhappiness' at the time of writing.
There is a lot of discomfort and 'unhappiness' around the country about congestion and about transportation services in general.
Her approach forced me to think about my contribution to the 'unhappiness' in our home.
Every step forward, every sentence of the book seems to contain a balance of 'unhappiness' .
But 'unhappiness' at workloads has been building up across the country for three years.
He's coming in at a time when there's a lot of 'unhappiness' with the field.
We go through periods of relative 'unhappiness' or relative contentment.
But the level of support for the motion shows the 'unhappiness' among members.
residents expressed their 'unhappiness' at the council's decision
residents expressed their 'unhappiness' at the council's decision
Scientology is meant to help clear people of 'unhappiness' .
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