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a picture of an unidentified motorcyclist
not recognized or identified.
translation of 'unidentified'
बिना पहचाना
According to the 'unidentified' man, the roadside strip was on his land.
He often goes online, 'unidentified' , and tells others to log on to an interesting interview with a certain actor.
Nearby an 'unidentified' skier ran into a 14-year-old Swedish girl and broke her leg.
The others are profiles which are 'unidentified' or require more work.
Prescott's room was organised by an 'unidentified' property developer.
There is a pictorial map of Scotland beside portraits of kilted, dying soldiers from 'unidentified' battles.
Police say the vehicles involved were a white Mitsubishi Colt, a red Mercedes and a black, 'unidentified' car.
What was it about the 'unidentified' fingerprint at the crime scene that led to this ‘mistake’?
The man, who has not been named, was in a stable condition at an 'unidentified' hospital, the department added.
He was sprayed in the face with an 'unidentified' liquid from a can.
Walls were stained with an 'unidentified' brown liquid and one bedroom ceiling had been heavily stained brown by smoke.
The next day, their father read about the body of an 'unidentified' young woman being found on the outskirts of the capital.
More than a year after his body was found floating in the River Ouse, an 'unidentified' man was finally laid to rest yesterday.
The two ended up having drunken sex with two 'unidentified' honeys.
As Jacques Delors once put it, this is an 'unidentified' flying object.
Hopkins, a New York artist, had in 1964 seen an 'unidentified' flying object over Cape Cod.
Crooks is also planning to bring in a third, as yet 'unidentified' , coach as he is looking towards an Alliance team next season.
Novels by 'unidentified' authors have made the bestseller lists before.
The brothers were joined in the rescue by an 'unidentified' third man.
Nine 'unidentified' bodies were believed to be those of the bombers.
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