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A progressive union of Europe requires the political unification of the working class.
the process of being united or made into a whole.
translation of 'unification'
इकट्ठा करना,
The political 'unification' of England within its present borders took place very early.
But the process towards greater 'unification' had started and would prove unstoppable.
Part of this is national 'unification' of the Arab peoples, which are constituent parts of the Arab nation.
the costs of German 'unification'
A progressive union of Europe requires the political 'unification' of the working class.
the 'unification' of Germany
Can the people of Taiwan have higher earnings after 'unification' or integration?
Mike was the right person at the right time to deal with the problems of 'unification' in a merger.
There is also a whole set of problems around the question of family 'unification' that people go to advisers about.
The achievement of horizontal integration depends on essential 'unification' of primary function areas.
Pressures for 'unification' generated their own momentum in the early part of 1990.
According to him, this is a part of his idea for 'unification' of the centrist and right-wing parties.
At the heart of a socialist programme is the international 'unification' of the working class.
Instead it was a product of Italian 'unification' achieved largely in 1861.
To be healthy is to be whole, and without 'unification' of the mind, body and spirit, a person will fall ill.
Twelve years after German 'unification' , unemployment in the east is still twice as high as in the west.
The treaty does not provide for a progressive, democratic 'unification' of the continent.
Political 'unification' is a process that unites divided political systems into a single body politic.
The process of 'unification' will therefore have to be very different.
Such a state would only be a further barrier to the international 'unification' of the working class.
there were conversations about 'unification' between the Church of England and the Methodist Church
Multilingualism was seen as a threat to the integrity of the state, and a common language critical for 'unification' .
The key question facing Europe after 1989 has been how to manage the process of German 'unification' .
To what extent are there laws in biology that function to provide 'unificatory' explanations?
Distinctions can be made between reformist, 'unificatory' , and secessionist types, between revolutionary and counterrevolutionary forms, between successive liberal and conservative variants, and between European and colonial manifestations of nationalism.
The many become one because they are drawn into unity by the 'unificatory' activity of creativity, initiated by God, and completed by determinate occasions.
Although the ethnic variety of Europe was almost as large during the Middle Ages as it is nowadays, the inheritance of the Roman Empire, and the 'unificatory' interests of both rulers and the Church, did not encourage the emergence of local entities.
This form of nationalism is 'unificatory' and corresponds historically with the nationalisms of Italy and Germany in the nineteenth century.
N.Korea urges South to work toward national reunification
Winter Olympics: N. Korean flagbearer hoping for unification
Thousands rally in US to demand reunification of migrant families
KCR, Naveen for unification of regional parties to counter BJP, Cong
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