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an attempt to impose administrative and cultural uniformity
the quality or state of being uniform.
translation of 'uniformity'
A law to regulate the pre-school sector to bring in 'uniformity' is essential across the country.
But there is no 'uniformity' of policy and enforcement is not guaranteed.
However, to try to get 'uniformity' of standards countrywide, when the changes were made the lower levels were not left behind.
The grimness and 'uniformity' of daily life in Pyongyang and in provincial areas is clear from the photographs.
He said there was no problem in closing the shop if the orders were implemented in 'uniformity' throughout the town.
He learned that 'uniformity' would always be trumped by initiative, and that a man who does not think for himself does not live long to think at all.
Although it promised to address the lack of 'uniformity' as part of the enlargement process, its attempts made the problem worse.
Self-preservation demands for worker bees an existence of mindless 'uniformity' .
Better the dull grey 'uniformity' , the safety of lines and numbers of the new architecture.
The creation of 'uniformity' would continue here around the parking spaces.
an attempt to impose administrative and cultural 'uniformity'
It proposes to realise human unity in diversity and not in 'uniformity' .
Tourists are the city's lifeblood, which is a recipe for 'uniformity' .
There has to be 'uniformity' in the monthly charges, which should be proportionate to what a consumer gets to watch.
Officials said the signs previously had no 'uniformity' regarding size, height and markings.
But she believes that she couldn't have done this without imposing a certain degree of 'uniformity' on them.
Levi-Strauss turns to a problem stemming from his preceding observations, that of cultural 'uniformity' .
Civilizations run by hedgehogs tend to have a fetish for 'uniformity' ; those run by foxes are more tolerant of diversity.
Alongside this comes 'uniformity' , which makes a more acceptable product for the absurdly picky supermarket buyer.
an attempt to impose administrative and cultural 'uniformity'
The 'uniformity' in the appearance and bearing of the assembled delegates is startlingly troubling.
Saltine crackers were a favourite for their 'uniformity' in this respect.
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