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The Republican Party has tended strongly to espouse unilateralism in recent years, notably in military and regional policy issue areas.
the process of acting, reaching a decision, or espousing a principle unilaterally.
American 'unilateralism' has a more fundamental significance.
The Republican Party has tended strongly to espouse 'unilateralism' in recent years, notably in military and regional policy issue areas.
He's a voice for US 'unilateralism' , nation-building by warfare and neoconservative principles in which free markets are equivalent to democracy.
We are going to see, especially in the US, more and more economic 'unilateralism' , more and more protectionism, which is mirrored by the European countries and Japan.
the party's commitment to 'unilateralism'
He thinks of Europe as being a brake on the ideology of economic 'unilateralism' which is capitalist, conservative and reactionary.
It can only resolve itself into support for a nationalist or a more consistent pan-European response to US 'unilateralism' .
What we need is not arrogant unilateralism, in other words, but intelligent 'unilateralism' .
the party's commitment to 'unilateralism'
The combination of 'unilateralism' and laissez-faire is a recipe for disaster.
So, if we are to ensure that the United States moves neither towards 'unilateralism' nor isolationism, all European countries must show a new willingness to develop effective crisis management capabilities.
Isolationism, 'unilateralism' , and protectionism would gain ground.
‘This summit should be concerned that the United Nations process has been rammed into submission by 'unilateralism' ,’ he said.
Above all, they demonstrate a growing tendency towards 'unilateralism' .
Europe has the chance of being a barrier against the pensée unique of economic 'unilateralism' : capitalist, conservative, reactionary.
Now you can defend or attack the U.N. decision, but it had nothing to do with American 'unilateralism' .
Military 'unilateralism' , many are keen to point out, has worked.
So like preemption, in today's supercharged political climate, 'unilateralism' and multilateralism no longer convey any meaning.
The political leaders speak of United Nations resolutions, of 'unilateralism' , of multilateralism, of weapons inspectors, of coercion and noncoercion.
Such concessions would represent setbacks for the neo-conservative 'unilateralism' that looked so dominant only a few months ago.
While I am sharply critical of American 'unilateralism' and realpolitik masquerading as the defence of liberty, at times I find our own moralizing irritating.
But once you're up and running, where does the morality fall in 'unilateralism' when you're not directly threatened?
At the same time, the impetus for a shift to more 'unilateralist' and belligerent policies had been accumulating for decades.
His next task should be to take foreign policy away from the failed 'unilateralist' ideologues in his Cabinet and return it to the internationalists.
Most American allies recognize that an isolated, 'unilateralist' superpower makes for a dysfunctional international system.
It expresses the desire of a section of the Spanish elite to return to Spain's traditional axis in foreign policy as a counterweight to the 'unilateralist' ambitions of US imperialism.
Far from entirely rejecting democracy promotion, some conservative 'unilateralists' also argue that the fundamental purpose of US foreign policy is the projection of democratic values.
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