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lives of almost unimaginable deprivation
difficult or impossible to imagine or comprehend.
translation of 'unimaginable'
ख़याल से बाहर का,
विचार में न आनेवाला,
मन से बाहर का,
It is 'unimaginable' what effect the document would have without signatures.
We have heard tales of immense human suffering and 'unimaginable' depravity.
To him, such an 'unimaginable' scale of murder was not evil but a lodestar - the ultimate expression of his politics.
Already the war has brought changes that just a few months ago would have been 'unimaginable' .
The consequences for the World Bank if it lost a suit filed by Indonesia would be 'unimaginable' , he said.
In case the dam collapses due to an earthquake or any other fault, the devastation will be 'unimaginable' .
Love as glorified by poets draws the common man's inherent curiosity to 'unimaginable' extents.
These churches are becoming civic in a way 'unimaginable' since the 13th century and its cathedral towns.
At Almondvale yesterday it spoke of sadness and 'unimaginable' loss.
In the decades ahead, we will face other threats that seem just as 'unimaginable' to us today.
The cruelty endured by the children of the Victorian poor, who were sold to work as chimney sweeps, was 'unimaginable' .
The crowd was in a rapture; dissent seemed 'unimaginable' ; the message was upbeat and unifying.
He thinks they have squandered unbelievable and 'unimaginable' opportunities.
We can share ideas and personnel to an extent that would be 'unimaginable' in any other industry.
But it is 'unimaginable' that you would ever see an Australian politician doing this.
The ecological damage that this project would cause is almost 'unimaginable' .
Without the Internet, of course, such a global protest would be 'unimaginable' .
He made a real difference, an almost 'unimaginable' difference, and he did it without guns, or bombs, or hatred of any kind.
We are in an ever-changing world where we are confronted by threats that were 'unimaginable' 25 years ago.
You might as well imagine this scene, because the real one is utterly 'unimaginable' .
The men of E Company served on the front lines in ferocious, almost 'unimaginably' arduous and brutal combat for the last twelve months of WW II.
And in that simple act, one of the great tragedies of our lives becomes a springboard into a better life - an 'unimaginably' better life.
The critical difference between Japan and other Asian economies is that the Japanese economy was 'unimaginably' strong and sustainable despite everything.
Well, for starters, if we can get by with just unimaginably large computing power, I don't see why we can't reduce our requirement here to 'unimaginably' realistic image rendering.
The signals from the remote radio sources being tracked are 'unimaginably' faint, buried in the ‘white noise’ of the huge quantities of data recorded.
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