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She emerged among the hot-rod hordes with the plain and unimpressive common license they give to all the ill-mannered drivers.
evoking no admiration or respect; not striking.
But what follows is not a maudlin melodrama, no matter what conclusions you may draw from that surely 'unimpressive' premise.
Americans grumble about British book jackets, English people talk about how 'unimpressive' American Book Jackets are.
She emerged among the hot-rod hordes with the plain and 'unimpressive' common license they give to all the ill-mannered drivers.
Our ordinary politicians may look 'unimpressive' in looks but their abilities to speak make them extra ordinary.
She was a clever girl with a passion for books and an urge to write, but her academic achievements at Ripon Grammar School were 'unimpressive' .
I wasn't a weekend Goth as such; just a mildly 'unimpressive' one.
She's talking about the faintly 'unimpressive' exit poll results.
These 'unimpressive' statistics are not, however, consistent with some of the rugby seen at Mint Bridge in 2004.
The recent track record has certainly been 'unimpressive' .
It is an 'unimpressive' record for a city with pretensions.
The server interface is 'unimpressive' in appearance, but it is very useful.
What do you say, when you discover the 'unimpressive' and slightly alarmed figure behind all the carefully crafted demonizations?
Sadly, platforms 9 and 10 are in the 'unimpressive' looking suburban section of the station.
It is 'unimpressive' , sadly, and littered with shotgun cartridges.
But then sometimes when you're upset, you are slightly 'unimpressive' .
The standard pre-sets are 'unimpressive' , just as they are on other players - you either like the result or you don't.
The list of failures is long, and deeply 'unimpressive' .
The Christmas display in Birmingham is well up to its usual 'unimpressive' standards.
Hidden away between a popular pub and a disused former bank it is an inauspicious, 'unimpressive' building in the shadows of Aberdeen city centre.
Graphically, for example, it is deeply 'unimpressive' , it barely even bothers with a plot, it has no two-player mode and is too short.
Your tales of 'unimpressiveness' in comparing your car to stock cars has become tiresome.
Sweden squeezed 'unimpressively' past Macedonia 1-0 to take a provisional lead in group four.
The roughness and 'unimpressiveness' of the drawing makes the fraud theory more unlikely.
Of course, I took a look at one or two of the files of schools that rejected me and their 'unimpressiveness' brought my ego back down to size.
It was a combination of this and the 'unimpressiveness' of the graphics.
Aberdeen are playing 'unimpressively' , but winning.
When stripped of his theoretical armor, he limped along 'unimpressively' in an intellectual no-man's land and didn't, it became apparent, have much to say.
After the Games, he followed his illustrious team-mates into the NBA, but in the 14 years since, he has performed 'unimpressively' in the main.
Both men started 'unimpressively' and appeared far from certain to have lengthy careers, but they were seen as investments and ones to be nurtured along, and as such a certain leeway was extended their way.
Even lowered expectations won't prepare you for the sheer 'unimpressiveness' of this film.
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