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small uninhabited islands
(of a place) without inhabitants.
translation of 'uninhabited'
He just sends me out, and I direct the people to the 'uninhabited' areas of the junkyard.
Their swords clashed with each other, ringing loudly over their 'uninhabited' location.
Would it not be better if such a terminal was in a more 'uninhabited' area?
Many of these storms, if they occurred in 'uninhabited' areas, would pass without any notice or impacts.
By sheer luck, the gas released in Oklahoma City was blown into a mostly 'uninhabited' area.
A whole small 'uninhabited' town was erected nearby with two shops, a metro station, a factory and road and railway bridges.
The first two doors led to 'uninhabited' rooms, only filled with unused beds and bureaus.
It concentrates on places devoid of human interference, focusing on patterns made on often extreme and 'uninhabited' places.
Dressed in their finest and bedecked with gold jewellery, their appearance seemed at odds in that 'uninhabited' place.
Four thousand years ago the valley of Mecca was a dry and 'uninhabited' place.
It was resting in a valley in an 'uninhabited' region of the Atlas Mountains.
If it's solitude you're seeking, Rannoch Moor is the largest 'uninhabited' area in Britain.
His Canadian co-pilot Lorne White will be travelling alongside him over some of the most 'uninhabited' regions in the world.
I left [school] to help my sister who was fishing in inland water ponds, which are situated in 'uninhabited' areas.
The high urbanisation has resulted in massive tracts of 'uninhabited' land across the country.
The jump is likely to take place in May next year in an 'uninhabited' area of Canada, although the details have not been finalised.
Many settlers made their way to Utah by wagon train in search of an 'uninhabited' land to start their own way of life.
Rusty iron scraps, pipes and unusually shaped stones were scattered around the inhospitable and largely 'uninhabited' area, it said.
They stopped at a normally 'uninhabited' site and chose it to host the fire.
The owl fled to the wild, 'uninhabited' places, and now mournfully cries out for her home.
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