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his behavior was becoming unmanageable at home
difficult or impossible to manage, manipulate, or control.
translation of 'unmanageable'
नियंत्रण के बाहर,
A further delay in the price hike would increase the budget deficit to an 'unmanageable' level and strengthen inflationary pressures.
What you need are huge and 'unmanageable' Visa and store charge card debts, with a few court proceedings and the odd repossession threat hanging over your head.
In recent years Nimbin has gone from having four full-time doctors to just Dr Oxlee, who says his workload has become 'unmanageable' .
History teaches us that unless these pernicious tendencies are scotched, they grow to become 'unmanageable' monsters later on.
Administering all ten techniques to control spam effectively can quickly become 'unmanageable' .
Two loads from the bucket will fill the tank, however two full loads make the bucket 'unmanageable' to lift and control the pour efficiently causing splashing.
But Zimbabwe's economic slide in recent years shows that he is finding both relationships increasingly 'unmanageable' .
It has to be beautiful and slightly wild without becoming 'unmanageable' and disorganised.
‘The cases which are coming into court in almost 'unmanageable' numbers are the tip of the iceberg,’ he said.
Councillors were concerned that around 60 lorries per day and hundreds of cars will place an 'unmanageable' strain on the town's roads.
But by then, of course, the problem would have become 'unmanageable' .
Knowing some of the local politics I am aware that trying to support six chief executives, all with different working styles, may be an 'unmanageable' job.
When one of these moods overtook her, she became 'unmanageable' .
Consumer groups and MPs have warned that people could be storing up problems for the future, with rising interest rates making debts 'unmanageable' .
I would say my life had become 'unmanageable' , and I was having problems with both the medications and the alcohol.
Evidently, if the proposal is followed strictly, the resultant tariff structure will be inconsistent and 'unmanageable' .
Little showed admirable poise trying to manage the 'unmanageable' Red Sox bullpen.
Step 1: Admit that your are powerless over your egos and past glories, that your lives have become 'unmanageable' .
Owners of unruly hedges or 'unmanageable' gardens need fear no more thanks to a pair of four-legged lawn mowers now available for hire.
Caregivers identified lack of mobility and loss of bladder control most frequently as 'unmanageable' symptoms.
Robb's admirable determination to make ‘Europe’ mean more than ‘Britain and a variety of continental holiday destinations’ in fact makes his remit 'unmanageably' wide.
Worse yet, the chorus was almost 'unmanageably' vast, and the leading soloists of his cast could not speak Russian but were required to sing in it fluently, nor could the director speak much English.
Granted, the people in the academic ranks do feel a certain degree of 'unmanageableness' about it, as it is their own right, however, it would be very myopic of them if they cut themselves completely off from the Wiki-wise movement.
Without a proper thinning, my hair is a catastrophe of 'unmanageableness' .
Under such management, the rod may come to be the only alternative to absolute 'unmanageableness' and anarchy.
I am so used to using plastic cups everywhere that the drink glasses seemed 'unmanageably' heavy and got very cold from the ice!
In such cases there is a history of 'unmanageableness' at home, and, if the child is old enough, at school, of running away, destructiveness, lying, and very often pilfering in the home.
This advantage has naturally allowed China to liberalize faster and spend more on urban renewal, improvements in infrastructure, and tourism development without worrying about its trade deficits growing 'unmanageably' large.
The 'unmanageableness' came from the size of the family.
Here, single hillsides are known by a dozen names, each broken down into 'unmanageably' small plots based on only minuscule differences in soil composition or their angle to the midday sun.
'Security threat to foreign cricketers in Pakistan excessive, unmanageable'
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